Other Words for Epicurean

Epicurean Noun Synonyms: Lucullan, gourmet
Epicurean Adjective Synonyms: epicure
Epicurean Verb Synonyms: sensual, sybaritic, luxurious, voluptuous, carnal, self-indulgent, pleasure-seeking, pleasure-oriented, hedonistic, gluttonous, intemperate, overindulgent, crapulent or crapulous, swinish, porcine, piggish, immoderate, orgiastic, libidinous, wild

Other Words for Epidemic

Epidemic Adjective Synonyms: widespread, universal, prevalent, prevailing, rampant, general, wide-ranging, pandemic
Epidemic Noun Synonyms: plague, pestilence, scourge, rash, growth, upsurge, outbreak, spread

Other Words for Epigram

Epigram Adjective Synonyms: witticism, bon mot, quip, mot, turn of phrase, jeu d'esprit, Atticism, pun, double entendre, jeu de mots, play on words, equivoque, paronomasia
Epigram Noun Synonyms: proverb, aphorism, maxim, saw, saying, adage, apophthegm or apothegm

Other Words for Epigrammatic

Epigrammatic Noun Synonyms: pithy, terse, laconic, concise, succinct, compendious, piquant, pungent, trenchant, sententious, witty, pointed, proverbial, aphoristic, apophthegmatic or apothegmatic, snappy, punchy

Other Words for Episode

Episode Adjective Synonyms: chapter, scene, instalment, part
Episode Noun Synonyms: event, incident, occurrence, happening, experience, adventure, affair, matter

Other Words for Epitome

Epitome Noun Synonyms: essence, quintessence, embodiment, personification, archetype, exemplar, (typical) example, model, prototype

Other Words for Equable

Equable Noun Synonyms: even-tempered, easygoing, serene, calm, placid, composed, cool, imperturbable, collected, unruffled, tranquil, peaceful, level-headed, unflappable

Other Words for Equal

Equal Adjective Synonyms: identical, the same (as), interchangeable, one and the same, coequal, selfsame, like, alike, tantamount, similar (to), equivalent, commensurate

Other Words for Equal To

Equal To Adjective Synonyms: up to, capable of, fit(ted) or suited or suitable for, adequate for, literary sufficient unto

Other Words for Equality

Equality Verb Synonyms: similarity, likeness, resemblance, equivalence, correspondence, conformity, congruence, similitude, analogy, comparability, comparison, coincidence
Equality Noun Synonyms: parity, sameness, identity, coequality, uniformity

Other Words for Equalize

Equalize Noun Synonyms: regularize, even up, square, balance, equate, match, standardize, (make) equal

Other Words for Equip

Equip Noun Synonyms: furnish, provide, supply, stock, outfit, fit (out or up), rig (out or up), accoutre, array, attire, dress, deck (out), caparison, clothe, kit out or up

Other Words for Equipment

Equipment Verb Synonyms: gear, apparatus, furnishings, accoutrements, appurtenances, paraphernalia, kit, materiel, tackle, outfit, trappings, tack, equipage, clobber

Other Words for Equitable

Equitable Verb Synonyms: fair, even-handed, just, impartial, objective, unbiased, unprejudiced, square, fair-minded, open-minded, disinterested, dispassionate, neutral, tolerant, unbigoted, reasonable, judicious, ethical, principled, moral, proper, right-minded

Other Words for Equity

Equity Noun Synonyms: fairness, impartiality, even-handedness, justice, fair play, objectivity, disinterest, fair-mindedness, equitableness, open-mindedness, disinterestedness, neutrality, tolerance, judiciousness, right-mindedness, high-mindedness

Other Words for Equivalent

Equivalent Noun Synonyms: match, equal, peer, counterpart, twin
Equivalent Adjective Synonyms: tantamount, commensurate, alike, similar, close, comparable, corresponding, interchangeable, equal, synonymous, of a piece or a kind

Other Words for Equivocal

Equivocal Noun Synonyms: ambiguous, vague, hazy, indefinite, unclear, indistinct, enigmatic(al), puzzling, perplexing, indeterminate, uncertain, waffling
Equivocal Adjective Synonyms: evasive, misleading, roundabout, hedging, suspicious, duplicitous, questionable, oblique, circumlocutory, ambagious, ambivalent, amphibolic or amphibolous, waffling, wishy-washy

Other Words for Equivocate

Equivocate Adjective Synonyms: evade, mislead, hedge, deceive, quibble, dodge, weasel out (of), double-talk, fence, sidestep, skirt, avoid, tergiversate, prevaricate, waffle, beat about the bush, pussyfoot

Other Words for Era

Era Adjective Synonyms: age, period, time(s), day(s), epoch, stage, generation, cycle, date

Other Words for Erase

Erase Verb Synonyms: expunge, rub or scratch or blot or wipe out, delete, cancel, efface, scratch, cross or strike out or off, obliterate
Erase Noun Synonyms: abolish, destroy, obliterate, remove, eliminate, (get) rid of, eradicate, efface

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