Other Words for Erect

Erect Verb Synonyms: upright, standing, upstanding, straight, vertical, perpendicular, plumb

Other Words for Erode

Erode Adjective Synonyms: wear (down or away), eat away, grind down, abrade, gnaw away (at), consume, corrode, wash away, deteriorate, destroy, deplete, reduce, diminish

Other Words for Erosion

Erosion Verb Synonyms: wear (and tear), wearing (down or away), wasting away, washing or grinding or rubbing away, corroding, corrosion, abrading, abrasion, eating or gnawing away, chafing, fraying, weathering, attrition

Other Words for Erotic

Erotic Noun Synonyms: amatory, venereal, amorous, anacreontic
Erotic Verb Synonyms: sensual, stimulating, suggestive, titillating, risqué, bawdy, ribald, seductive, voluptuous, lustful, sexy
Erotic Adjective Synonyms: erogenous, naughty, carnal, arousing, rousing, aphrodisiac, libidinous, lubricious or lubricous, prurient, lascivious, lewd, concupiscent, salacious, obscene, pornographic, dirty, filthy, nasty, blue

Other Words for Err

Err Adjective Synonyms: be wrong, be in error, be mistaken, be inaccurate, be incorrect, be in the wrong, go wrong, go astray, make a mistake, miscalculate, (make a) blunder, bungle, botch, fumble, muff, make a mess of, make a faux pas, mess up , bobble, goof (up)

Other Words for Errand

Errand Verb Synonyms: trip, journey

Other Words for Erratic

Erratic Adjective Synonyms: wandering, meandering, directionless, planetary, aimless, haphazard, discursive, errant, divagatory
Erratic Noun Synonyms: irregular, unpredictable, inconsistent, unreliable, capricious, changeable, variable, wayward, unstable, aberrant, flighty

Other Words for Erroneous

Erroneous Adjective Synonyms: wrong, mistaken, incorrect, inaccurate, inexact, imprecise, amiss, awry, false, faulty, misleading, flawed, botched, bungled, unsound, invalid, untrue, fallacious, spurious, counterfeit, off the mark, off course, off beam, off the beam

Other Words for Error

Error Adjective Synonyms: mistake, inaccuracy, fault, flaw, blunder, slip, gaffe, misprint, typographical error, erratum, solecism, literal, slip-up, goof, clanger, fluff, boo-boo, howler, bloomer, foul-up, boner, boob

Other Words for Erupt

Erupt Noun Synonyms: eject, discharge, expel, emit, burst forth or out, blow up, explode, spew forth or out, break out, spout, vomit (up or forth), throw up or off, spit out or up, belch (forth), gush

Other Words for Eruption

Eruption Verb Synonyms: outbreak, outburst, discharge, expulsion, emission, bursting forth, explosion, spouting, vomiting (up or forth), belching forth

Other Words for Escape

Escape Noun Synonyms: get away, break out or free, bolt, flee, fly, run away or off, elope, decamp, abscond, steal or slip off or away, take to one's heels, take French leave, disappear, vanish, levant, take off, clear out, cut and run, duck out, make oneself scarce
Escape Verb Synonyms: drain, leak, issue, seep, discharge, emanate

Other Words for Escort

Escort Noun Synonyms: guard, convoy, bodyguard, protection, guardian, protector, chaperon, cortege or cortŠge, retinue, entourage, safe conduct,her, companion

Other Words for Especially

Especially Noun Synonyms: particularly, specially, specifically, exceptionally, conspicuously, singularly, remarkably, extraordinarily, unusually, uncommonly, peculiarly, outstandingly, uniquely, notably, strikingly, noticeably, markedly, signally
Especially Verb Synonyms: chiefly, mainly, predominantly, primarily, principally, first, firstly, first of all, above all

Other Words for Essay

Essay Adverb Synonyms: article, composition, paper, theme, piece, thesis, dissertation, disquisition, tract
Essay Noun Synonyms: try, attempt, endeavour, strive, make an effort, undertake, venture, tackle, test, go about, take a crack or whack or stab at, have a go at, give (it or something) a shot, have a go or bash (at)

Other Words for Essence

Essence Noun Synonyms: quintessence, quiddity, (essential) nature, substance, spirit, being, heart, core, pith, kernel, marrow, soul, significance, (active) principle, crux, cornerstone, foundation-stone, bottom line
Essence Verb Synonyms: extract, concentrate, distillate, elixir, tincture

Other Words for Essential

Essential Noun Synonyms: indispensable, necessary, requisite, required, important, imperative, vital, material, quintessential

Other Words for Establish

Establish Adjective Synonyms: found, create, institute, set up, start, begin, inaugurate, organize, form, constitute, decree, enact, ordain, introduce

Other Words for Establishment

Establishment Verb Synonyms: foundation, founding, formation, organization, construction, creation, origin, origination, institution, inauguration, setting up

Other Words for Estate

Estate Noun Synonyms: property, holdings, domain, demesne, land, landed estate, manor, mansion

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