Other Words for Eviction

Eviction Verb Synonyms: ouster, dispossession, dislodgement, expulsion, ejection, removal, disseisin or disseizin, the boot

Other Words for Evidence

Evidence Noun Synonyms: proof, ground(s), fact(s), data, basis, support, verification, attestation, affirmation, confirmation, validation, corroboration, substantiation, documentation, certification

Other Words for Evident

Evident Verb Synonyms: clear, obvious, plain, apparent, manifest, patent, palpable, conspicuous, clear-cut, express, unmistakable, incontrovertible, understandable, comprehensible, recognizable, perceptible, perceivable, discernible, noticeable

Other Words for Evidently

Evidently Adjective Synonyms: clearly, obviously, plainly, manifestly, palpably, apparently, patently, indubitably, undoubtedly, doubtless(ly), without a doubt, indisputably, incontestably, incontrovertibly, undeniably, unquestionably, surely, certainly, to be sure
Evidently Adverb Synonyms: apparently, outwardly, seemingly, it would seem, so it seems, as far as one can see or tell, to all appearances, ostensibly

Other Words for Evil

Evil Adjective Synonyms: treacherous, traitorous, perfidious, insidious, unscrupulous, unprincipled, dishonest, dishonorable, crooked, criminal, felonious, knavish, sinister, underhand(ed), dirty, corrupt
Evil Noun Synonyms: harm, hurt, injury, mischief, damage, ruin, calamity, misfortune, catastrophe, destruction, disaster, cataclysm, ill, misery, suffering, pain, sorrow, woe, agony, anguish
Evil Adverb Synonyms: bad, awful, wrong, immoral, wicked, sinful, nefarious, iniquitous, base, corrupt, vile, accursed, damnable, villainous, heinous, infamous, flagitious, foul, nasty, abominable, atrocious, horrible, horrid, ghastly, grisly, dreadful, depraved, vicious

Other Words for Evil-Minded

Evil-Minded Adjective Synonyms: wicked, sinful, flagitious, vicious, hateful, malicious, spiteful, malevolent, evil, bad
Evil-Minded Noun Synonyms: dirty(-minded), smutty, obscene, depraved, lewd, lascivious, lecherous, salacious, licentious, filthy, nasty, foul-mouthed

Other Words for Evoke

Evoke Adjective Synonyms: summon (up), call up or forth, elicit, conjure up, invoke, recall, reawake(n), (a)wake, wake(n), (a)rouse, raise

Other Words for Evolution

Evolution Adverb Synonyms: development, advance, growth, progress, progression, phylogeny, evolvement, developing, growing, evolving, formation, maturation, production

Other Words for Exact

Exact Adverb Synonyms: precise, accurate, correct, faithful, true, faultless, identical, literal, perfect, consummate
Exact Noun Synonyms: demand, extort, require, enforce, insist on or upon, extract, impose, wrest, compel, enjoin, call for, requisition, claim

Other Words for Exacting

Exacting Adjective Synonyms: demanding, rigorous, difficult, rigid, stern, hard, tough, severe, harsh, burdensome, taxing, stringent, imperative, unsparing, oppressive, tyrannical

Other Words for Exactly

Exactly Adjective Synonyms: definitely, absolutely, positively, undeniably, surely, certainly, unequivocally, completely, in every respect, in all respects, particularly, specifically, explicitly, just, quite, expressly, precisely, accurately, truly, bang on
Exactly Verb Synonyms: accurately, precisely, strictly, perfectly, correctly, unerringly, faultlessly, faithfully, scrupulously, literally, to the letter, word for word, verbatim, closely, methodically, systematically

Other Words for Exaggerate

Exaggerate Adverb Synonyms: overstate, magnify, inflate, overdraw, embroider, embellish, elaborate, enlarge, stretch, romance, overemphasize, overstress, overplay, overdo, exalt, hyperbolize, paint, lay it on thick, play up, pile it on

Other Words for Exaggeration

Exaggeration Adverb Synonyms: overstatement, magnification, inflation, embroidery, embellishment, elaboration, enlargement, stretch, romanticization, extravagance, overemphasis, excess, exaltation, enhancement, hyperbole, empty talk, bombast, bragging, boasting, boastfulness

Other Words for Exalt

Exalt Verb Synonyms: elevate, raise or lift (up or on high), upraise, uplift, upgrade, boost, promote, advance
Exalt Noun Synonyms: praise, honor, extol, glorify, idolize, dignify, ennoble, revere, reverence, venerate, pay homage or tribute to, celebrate, lionize

Other Words for Exalted

Exalted Adjective Synonyms: elated, excited, exultant, ecstatic, jubilant, overjoyed, joyful, rapturous, transported, blissful, happy, joyous, in seventh heaven, uplifted, on cloud nine, over the moon
Exalted Verb Synonyms: elevated, lofty, high, eminent, notable, noted, prominent, famous, famed, celebrated, distinguished, dignified, honoured, prestigious, glorified, sublime, grand

Other Words for Examination

Examination Adjective Synonyms: investigation, scrutiny, study, analysis, inspection, inquiry or enquiry, probe, search, exploration, research, survey, going-over, check-up, check(out), appraisal, assessment
Examination Noun Synonyms: interrogation, inquisition, inquiry or enquiry, catechism, cross-examination, third degree, grill(ing)

Other Words for Examine

Examine Noun Synonyms: investigate, scrutinize, study, peruse, scan, pore over, analyze, sift, inspect, inquire or enquire into, go over or through or into, look over or into, probe, search, explore, research, survey, check up on, check (out), appraise, assess, weigh, vet

Other Words for Example

Example Verb Synonyms: instance, case, sample, specimen, illustration
Example Noun Synonyms: warning, admonition, lesson

Other Words for Exasperate

Exasperate Noun Synonyms: anger, infuriate, enrage, incense, madden, rile, drive mad, embitter, inflame, drive crazy, drive up the wall

Other Words for Excavate

Excavate Verb Synonyms: dig (out or up), hollow or gouge (out), scoop out, burrow or cut (out)

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