Other Words for Excavation

Excavation Verb Synonyms: cavity, hole, pit, crater, cut, ditch, trench, trough, burrow, hollow, shaft, tunnel, mine, quarry

Other Words for Exceed

Exceed Verb Synonyms: surpass, top, excel, be superior to, go beyond, beat, overwhelm, better, outdistance, pass, overtake, outstrip, outrank, outrun, outdo, outpace, transcend, outshine, outreach, overshadow, eclipse
Exceed Noun Synonyms: overstep, go beyond, overextend

Other Words for Exceeding

Exceeding Verb Synonyms: great, huge, enormous, extraordinary, excessive, exceptional, surpassing

Other Words for Exceedingly

Exceedingly Verb Synonyms: very, extremely, especially, exceptionally, considerably, incomparably, immeasurably, extraordinarily, remarkably, excessively, greatly, hugely, enormously

Other Words for Excel

Excel Adjective Synonyms: surpass, be superior (to), dominate, top, exceed, go beyond, beat, outstrip, outrank, outdo, outpace, outshine, overshadow, eclipse, shine, be pre-eminent

Other Words for Excellence

Excellence Adverb Synonyms: superiority, merit, (high) quality, goodness, fineness, greatness, prominence, eminence, pre-eminence, distinction, value, worth, supremacy

Other Words for Excellent

Excellent Verb Synonyms: superb, outstanding, exceptional, superior, matchless, peerless, unequalled, without equal, nonpareil, supreme, superlative, sterling, capital, first-class, first-rate, prime, choice, select, distinguished, noteworthy, notable, worthy, the best, tiptop

Other Words for Except

Except Preposition Synonyms: exclude, omit, leave out, excuse

Other Words for Except For

Except For Noun Synonyms: excepting, save, but, excluding, exclusive of, barring, bar, with the exception of, omitting, not counting, apart from, but for, other than, saving

Other Words for Except That

Except That Adjective Synonyms: except or but (for the fact) that, but, save that

Other Words for Exception

Exception Noun Synonyms: departure, anomaly, irregularity, special case, oddity, freak, rarity, peculiarity, quirk
Exception Verb Synonyms: debarment, blockage, lockout, shut-out
Exception Conjunction Synonyms: exclusion, omission

Other Words for Exceptionable

Exceptionable Noun Synonyms: objectionable, disputable, questionable, criticizable, unacceptable, unsatisfactory

Other Words for Exceptional

Exceptional Noun Synonyms: special, unusual, especial, out of the ordinary, extraordinary, uncommon, rare, singular, strange, irregular, aberrant, odd, peculiar, anomalous
Exceptional Adjective Synonyms: gifted, talented, superior, outstanding, above average, excellent, prodigious, extraordinary

Other Words for Excerpt

Excerpt Adjective Synonyms: extract, selection, quotation, citation, passage, pericope

Other Words for Excess

Excess Noun Synonyms: surplus, over-abundance, overflow, superabundance, nimiety, superfluity, surfeit, plethora, glut, redundancy, over-sufficiency, supererogation, leftovers, overkill

Other Words for Excesses

Excesses Verb Synonyms: debauchery, extravagance, immoderation, prodigality, overindulgence, intemperance, dissipation, dissoluteness

Other Words for Excessive

Excessive Noun Synonyms: immoderate, inordinate, disproportionate, extravagant, exorbitant, superfluous, excess, undue, enormous, extreme, unreasonable, unwarranted, unjustifiable, outrageous, unconscionable
Excessive Adjective Synonyms: overdone, fulsome, cloying, nauseating, disgusting

Other Words for Exchange

Exchange Verb Synonyms: market, stock market, Stock Exchange, securities exchange, the Market, the Board, the Big Board, the Exchange, the Bourse, Wall Street, the Street
Exchange Adjective Synonyms: trade, barter, switch, change, interchange, reciprocate, return, swap or swop

Other Words for Excitable

Excitable Noun Synonyms: volatile, jumpy, apprehensive, nervous, restive, restless, fidgety, edgy, touchy, highly-strung, high-strung, mercurial, emotional, quick-tempered, testy, hot-blooded, feverish, hysterical, on a short string

Other Words for Excite

Excite Verb Synonyms: thrill, stir up, titillate, work up, arouse, inflame
Excite Noun Synonyms: (a)rouse, spur (on), stir (up), move, animate, enliven, activate, motivate, invigorate, energize, stimulate, cause, provoke, prod, agitate, incite, quicken, urge, (a)wake, (a)waken, call forth, summon (up), elicit, inspire, inspirit, rally, galvanize
Excite Adjective Synonyms: agitate, disturb, perturb, stir up, discompose, fluster, ruffle, upset, disconcert

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