Other Words for Excited

Excited Verb Synonyms: (a)roused, stirred (up), stimulated, agitated, disturbed, perturbed, upset, worked up, wrought up, wound up, keyed up, overwrought, discomposed, disconcerted, discomfited, nervous, edgy, on edge, uneasy, flustered, ruffled, fidgety, frantic, frenetic

Other Words for Excitement

Excitement Noun Synonyms: animation, eagerness, enthusiasm, exhilaration, ebullience
Excitement Adjective Synonyms: restlessness, disquiet, disquietude, tension, agitation, unrest, malaise, discomfort, jumpiness, nervousness, freneticness, excitation

Other Words for Exciting

Exciting Noun Synonyms: stimulating, intoxicating, heady, thrilling, stirring, moving, inspiring, rousing, exhilarating, electrifying, galvanizing, energizing, invigorating, overwhelming, overpowering, astounding, astonishing, amazing, mind-boggling, far-out, rip-roaring

Other Words for Exclaim

Exclaim Adjective Synonyms: call or cry (out), proclaim, vociferate, utter, declare, ejaculate, shout, yell, bawl, bellow, burst out (with), blurt out, holler

Other Words for Exclamation

Exclamation Adjective Synonyms: outcry, call, cry, utterance, ejaculation, Interjectionection, vociferation, shout, yell, bellow, holler

Other Words for Exclude

Exclude Noun Synonyms: eject, evict, expel, oust, get rid of, remove, throw out, toss out, bounce

Other Words for Exclude From

Exclude From Verb Synonyms: keep out or away, lock or shut out, ban, bar, debar, prohibit, interdict, forbid, proscribe, deny, refuse, disallow

Other Words for Exclusion

Exclusion Noun Synonyms: ejection, eviction, expulsion, ouster, removal, riddance
Exclusion Verb Synonyms: lockout, shut-out, ban, bar, prohibition, interdiction, forbiddance, denial, refusal, disallowance, proscription

Other Words for Exclusive

Exclusive Adjective Synonyms: only, single, one, sole, singular, unique
Exclusive Noun Synonyms: incompatible, inimical, unshared, unique, absolute, restricted, limited

Other Words for Exclusive Of

Exclusive Of Adjective Synonyms: excluding, excepting, except for, omitting, ignoring, leaving aside, apart from, (de)barring, not counting, eliminating

Other Words for Excruciating

Excruciating Adjective Synonyms: tormenting, torturing, torturous, agonizing, painful, racking, intense, extreme, unbearable, unendurable, severe, acute, exquisite, harrowing, distressful, distressing, piercing, insufferable

Other Words for Excursion

Excursion Adjective Synonyms: trip, tour, outing, airing, expedition, voyage, cruise, journey, junket, jaunt, ramble, stroll, walk, hike, trek, drive, ride, sail

Other Words for Excuse

Excuse Verb Synonyms: condone, allow, permit, defend, apologize for, justify, warrant, explain, vindicate, rationalize, mitigate, extenuate, palliate
Excuse Noun Synonyms: forgive, pardon, overlook, absolve, clear, exonerate, acquit, exculpate, pass over, disregard, wink at, ignore, be blind to, look the other way, pay no attention or heed (to), find or prove innocent (of)

Other Words for Execute

Execute Noun Synonyms: accomplish, do, carry out or off or through, perform, discharge, dispatch or despatch, bring about or off, implement, engineer, cause, pull off, put over, swing, cut, hack (out)
Execute Verb Synonyms: put to death, kill, put to the sword, butcher, liquidate, assassinate, murder, remove, slay, bump off, rub or wipe out, snuff (out), knock off, waste, ice

Other Words for Execution

Execution Noun Synonyms: killing, capital punishment, assassination, murder, removal, liquidation, slaying
Execution Verb Synonyms: accomplishment, performance, carrying out, doing, discharge, dispatch or despatch, implementation, prosecution, realization, enactment

Other Words for Executive

Executive Noun Synonyms: chairman (of the board), director, managing director, chief executive, president, chief (executive officer), CEO, manager, head, leader, principal, administrator, official, supervisor, foreman, superintendent, overseer, boss, master, Mr. Big

Other Words for Exemplary

Exemplary Adjective Synonyms: model, meritorious, outstanding, noteworthy, admirable, commendable, praiseworthy, excellent, superior
Exemplary Noun Synonyms: illustrative, typical, characteristic, representative, archetypal, paradigmatic

Other Words for Exemplify

Exemplify Adjective Synonyms: illustrate, typify, represent, epitomize, instance, embody, personify

Other Words for Exempt

Exempt Verb Synonyms: exempted, free, liberated, released, excused, relieved, spared, let off, excepted, immune, off the hook

Other Words for Exempt From

Exempt From Verb Synonyms: free or liberate or release from, excuse or relieve from, spare from, let off, absolve, except, let off the hook

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