Other Words for Eccentric

Eccentric Adjective Synonyms: unconventional, unusual, uncommon, idiosyncratic, anomalous, unorthodox, out of the ordinary, irregular, atypical, incongruous, errant, aberrant, exceptional, individual, singular, unique, abnormal, odd, peculiar, strange, curious, bizarre, outlandish

Other Words for Eccentricity

Eccentricity Noun Synonyms: unconventionality, unusualness, uncommonness, irregularity, nonconformity, individuality, individualism, singularity, uniqueness, strangeness, oddness, bizarreness, distinctiveness, capriciousness, weirdness

Other Words for Echo

Echo Noun Synonyms: reverberation, repercussion, repetition, iteration, reiteration
Echo Verb Synonyms: imitate, ape, parrot, mimic, copy, duplicate, reproduce, simulate, repeat, emulate, mirror, reflect

Other Words for Eclipse

Eclipse Verb Synonyms: conceal, hide, blot out, obscure, block, veil, shroud, cover, darken
Eclipse Noun Synonyms: decline, downturn, slump, recession

Other Words for Economic

Economic Noun Synonyms: financial, fiscal, pecuniary, monetary, budgetary, commercial, mercantile, trade
Economic Adjective Synonyms: profitable, cost-effective, money-making, remunerative, productive, solvent

Other Words for Economical

Economical Adjective Synonyms: cost-effective, money-saving, thrifty, unwasteful, cheap, inexpensive, reasonable, economic

Other Words for Economize

Economize Adjective Synonyms: save, cut back, husband, retrench, tighten one's belt, cut corners or costs, scrimp, skimp, pinch pennies

Other Words for Economy

Economy Verb Synonyms: thrift, husbandry, thriftiness, conservation, conservatism, saving, restraint, control, frugality
Economy Noun Synonyms: brevity, briefness, succinctness, terseness, conciseness, concision, compactness, restraint, curtness

Other Words for Ecstasy

Ecstasy Noun Synonyms: delight, joy, rapture, bliss, transport, nympholepsy or nympholepsia, happiness, gladness, elation, pleasure, enjoyment, gratification, heaven on earth

Other Words for Ecstatic

Ecstatic Noun Synonyms: exhilarated, thrilled, exultant, blissful, euphoric, rapturous, enraptured, nympholeptic, enchanted, transported, rhapsodic, excited, elated, delighted, joyful, gleeful, overjoyed, happy, glad, beside oneself, delirious, orgasmic, on cloud nine

Other Words for Eddy

Eddy Adjective Synonyms: swirl, whirl, vortex, gurgitation, whirlpool, maelstrom, Charybdis, dust devil, whirlwind, twister, tornado, cyclone, typhoon, hurricane, waterspout
Eddy Noun Synonyms: swirl, whirl, turn, spin

Other Words for Edge

Edge Noun Synonyms: acuteness, sharpness, keenness
Edge Verb Synonyms: brink, verge, border, side, rim, lip, brim, fringe, margin, boundary, bound, limit, bourn, perimeter, periphery

Other Words for Edible

Edible Verb Synonyms: eatable, esculent, palatable, good or fit (to eat), wholesome, comestible

Other Words for Edification

Edification Adjective Synonyms: enlightenment, improvement, uplifting, enlightening, guidance, education, information, tuition, teaching, schooling, instruction

Other Words for Edit

Edit Verb Synonyms: cut, condense, compress, shorten, crop, reduce
Edit Noun Synonyms: redact, copy-edit, rewrite, rephrase, modify, alter, adapt, change, revise, correct, emend, style, restyle, polish, touch up

Other Words for Edit Out

Edit Out Verb Synonyms: blue-pencil, cut (out), delete, censor, erase, bleep, blip, bowdlerize, expurgate, clean up

Other Words for Edition

Edition Verb Synonyms: number, issue, printing, print run, copy, version

Other Words for Editor

Editor Noun Synonyms: rewrite man or woman, rewriter, copy editor, redactor, reviser, writer, columnist, journalist, editorial writer, leader-writer, editor-in-chief, managing editor, senior editor, compiler, collector

Other Words for Editorial

Editorial Noun Synonyms: leader, leading article, op-ed article, think-piece, opinion piece, position statement, essay, article, column

Other Words for Educate

Educate Noun Synonyms: teach, train, instruct, edify, tutor, school, inform, enlighten, indoctrinate, inculcate, coach, drill, prepare, ready, rear, bring up, cultivate, develop, civilize

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