Other Words for Exemption

Exemption Verb Synonyms: exception, immunity, freedom, release, impunity, dispensation, exclusion

Other Words for Exercise

Exercise Verb Synonyms: harass, annoy, irritate, vex, harry, distress, worry, concern, burden, try, trouble, perturb, disturb, agitate, make nervous, drive crazy, drive up the wall
Exercise Adjective Synonyms: employ, apply, practise, bring to bear, put to use or effect, discharge, exert, wield, execute, utilize, effect
Exercise Noun Synonyms: work out, limber up, warm up, train, drill

Other Words for Exert

Exert Noun Synonyms: exercise, utilize, put to use or work or effect, employ, wield, bring to bear, bring into play, expend

Other Words for Exert Yourself

Exert Yourself Noun Synonyms: attempt, try, endeavour, make an effort, apply oneself, strive, do one's best, work, strain, struggle, toil, push, drive (oneself), go all out, give one's all, knock oneself out, cudgel one's brains, beat one's brains out

Other Words for Exertion

Exertion Verb Synonyms: action, effort, striving, strain, work, struggle, toil, drive, push, diligence, industry, assiduity, assiduousness, sedulousness, sedulity, stick-to-it-iveness

Other Words for Exhalation

Exhalation Verb Synonyms: expiration, exhaling, breath, respiration, suspiration
Exhalation Noun Synonyms: vapour, breath, air, puff, whiff, exhaust, emission, steam, mist, gas, fog, fume, emanation, effluvium, evaporation

Other Words for Exhale

Exhale Noun Synonyms: breathe (out), blow, puff, huff, gasp, evaporate, pass off, discharge, emit, emanate, issue (forth), respire, suspire, give forth, blow off, eject, expel, exsufflate

Other Words for Exhaust

Exhaust Noun Synonyms: use (up), expend, consume, finish, deplete, spend, dissipate, run through, squander, waste, fritter away, blow
Exhaust Verb Synonyms: tire (out), fatigue, weary, wear out, enervate, fag, overtire, sap, strain, tax, weaken, prostrate, debilitate, disable, frazzle

Other Words for Exhausted

Exhausted Adjective Synonyms: spent, worn out, depleted, impoverished, poor, infertile, barren
Exhausted Noun Synonyms: empty, emptied, bare, depleted, consumed, done, gone, at an end, finished
Exhausted Verb Synonyms: (dead) tired, fatigued, weary, wearied, worn out, enervated, debilitated, overtired, weak, weakened, prostrate, worn or fagged or played or burnt-out, spent, all in, out on one's feet, dog-tired, dead (on one's feet), wiped out, drained, knocked out

Other Words for Exhausting

Exhausting Adjective Synonyms: tiring, fatiguing, wearying, enervating, wearing, debilitating

Other Words for Exhaustion

Exhaustion Adjective Synonyms: emptying, drawing out or forth, discharge, draining, evacuation, voiding, depletion, consumption, finish(ing)

Other Words for Exhaustive

Exhaustive Noun Synonyms: complete, comprehensive, all-inclusive, thorough, all-encompassing, encyclopedic or encyclopaedic, extensive, thoroughgoing, far-reaching, sweeping, full-scale, in-depth, maximal, maximum, all-out

Other Words for Exhibit

Exhibit Noun Synonyms: show, display, present, offer, expose, show off, parade, brandish, flaunt, demonstrate, reveal, betray, manifest, exemplify, evince, evidence, disclose, express

Other Words for Exhibition

Exhibition Adjective Synonyms: exposition, fair, show(ing), display, demonstration, presentation, offering, exhibit, expo, demo

Other Words for Exhilarating

Exhilarating Noun Synonyms: cheering, uplifting, gladdening, elating, inspiriting, heartening, comforting, reassuring, happy, good, delightful
Exhilarating Verb Synonyms: invigorating, bracing, stimulating, vivifying, enlivening, rejuvenating, refreshing, vitalizing, fortifying, restorative, tonic

Other Words for Exile

Exile Adjective Synonyms: expatriation, banishment, expulsion, deportation, transportation, separation
Exile Noun Synonyms: deport, expel, alienate, banish, expatriate, oust, eject, displace, transport, drive or run or cast out, outlaw, exclude, oust, evict, bar, ban, extradite, maroon

Other Words for Exist

Exist Verb Synonyms: survive, subsist, eke out a living or an existence, stay alive, get by or along
Exist Noun Synonyms: be, continue, prevail, endure, abide, live, breathe

Other Words for Existence

Existence Verb Synonyms: being, presence, actuality, fact
Existence Noun Synonyms: entity, being, creature, ens, quiddity, essence

Other Words for Exit

Exit Noun Synonyms: way out, egress, door, gate, outlet, vent

Other Words for Exorbitant

Exorbitant Noun Synonyms: extraordinary, excessive, extravagant, outrageous, immoderate, extortionate, extreme, unreasonable, inordinate, disproportionate, unconscionable, preposterous, undue, unwarranted, unjustifiable, unjustified

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