Other Words for Exotic

Exotic Adjective Synonyms: strange, unfamiliar, unusual, bizarre, odd, peculiar, unique, singular, extraordinary, remarkable, out of the ordinary, different, outlandish, weird, crazy
Exotic Verb Synonyms: foreign, alien, non-native, imported

Other Words for Expand

Expand Adjective Synonyms: enlarge, spread (out), extend, increase, open (out or up), swell, inflate, distend, unfold
Expand Verb Synonyms: increase, extend, amplify, magnify, broaden, widen, augment, heighten, develop

Other Words for Expand On

Expand On Verb Synonyms: detail, enlarge on, embellish, develop, amplify, expatiate on or upon, elaborate (on), flesh out

Other Words for Expanse

Expanse Verb Synonyms: stretch, extent, area, space, range, sweep, reach, length and breadth, spread

Other Words for Expansion

Expansion Verb Synonyms: increase, augmentation, development, enlargement, extension, burgeoning or bourgeoning, flourishing, growth, spread

Other Words for Expansive

Expansive Adjective Synonyms: broad, extensive, far-reaching, wide-ranging, comprehensive, widespread, all-embracing, (all-)inclusive
Expansive Noun Synonyms: expansible or expandable or expandible, inflatable, dilatable, extensible or extendible or extendable, extending, expanding, enlarging, spreading, opening or stretching (out)

Other Words for Expect

Expect Adjective Synonyms: anticipate, look forward or ahead to, have or keep in view, await, envisage, watch or look for, wait for, contemplate, foresee, envision
Expect Verb Synonyms: look for, want, require, wish, need, demand, reckon on or upon, hope for, calculate or count on or upon

Other Words for Expectant

Expectant Verb Synonyms: expecting, (a)waiting, ready, eager, apprehensive, anxious, with bated breath, hopeful, looking, watchful, anticipating

Other Words for Expectation

Expectation Noun Synonyms: demand, requirement, wish, desire, want, insistence, reliance
Expectation Verb Synonyms: anticipation, confidence, hopefulness, watchfulness, apprehension, apprehensiveness, expectancy, suspense
Expectation Adjective Synonyms: hope, assumption, presumption, surmise, supposition, belief, conjecture, guess

Other Words for Expecting

Expecting Noun Synonyms: pregnant, gravid, with child, in a family way, enceinte, in the family way, in a family way, in the club, preggers, with a bun in the oven

Other Words for Expedient

Expedient Adjective Synonyms: advantageous, beneficial, advisable, desirable, recommended,eful, practical, utilitarian, prudent, wise, propitious, opportune, helpful, effective
Expedient Noun Synonyms: suitable, appropriate, fitting, fit, befitting, proper, apropos, right, correct, meet, pertinent, applicable, practical, pragmatic, worthwhile, politic

Other Words for Expedite

Expedite Adjective Synonyms: hasten, rush, hurry, speed or step up, accelerate, dispatch or despatch
Expedite Noun Synonyms: advance, facilitate, promote, forward, ease, enable

Other Words for Expedition

Expedition Verb Synonyms: exploration, journey, voyage, field trip, trip, tour, excursion, enterprise, undertaking, mission, quest

Other Words for Expeditious

Expeditious Noun Synonyms: ready, quick, rapid, swift, fast, brisk, speedy, fleet, efficient, diligent

Other Words for Expel

Expel Noun Synonyms: eject, dislodge, throw or cast out, drive or force out, evict, put or push out, remove, run (someone) off or out, displace, dispossess, show the door, suspend, dismiss, let go, fire, sack, turf out
Expel Adjective Synonyms: banish, deport, exile, expatriate, outlaw, maroon, proscribe, ban, bar, debar, dismiss, exclude, blackball, drum out, cashier, discharge, oust

Other Words for Expend

Expend Verb Synonyms: pay out, spend, disburse, employ, lay or dish out, fork or shell out

Other Words for Expendable

Expendable Verb Synonyms: dispensable, disposable, non-essential, inessential or unessential, unnecessary, replaceable, unimportant, insignificant

Other Words for Expenditure

Expenditure Verb Synonyms: outlay, outgoings, disbursement, spending, payment, expense, cost, price, charge, fee

Other Words for Expense

Expense Noun Synonyms: detriment, sacrifice, cost, loss, impairment, ruin, destruction

Other Words for Expenses

Expenses Adjective Synonyms: payment, costs, outlay, outgoings, disbursement, expenditure, spending, out-of-pocket (expenses), cost, price, charge, fee, rate

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