Other Words for Expensive

Expensive Noun Synonyms: costly, dear, high-priced, up-market, valuable, precious, priceless, extravagant, overpriced

Other Words for Experience

Experience Noun Synonyms: knowledge, contact, involvement, practice, familiarity, acquaintance, exposure, participation, observation
Experience Adjective Synonyms: incident, event, happening, affair, episode, occurrence, circumstance, adventure, encounter, trial, test, ordeal

Other Words for Experienced

Experienced Noun Synonyms: adept, skilled, skilful, accomplished, practiced, proficient, knowledgeable, knowing, wise, sage, sagacious, shrewd, prepared, (well-)informed, trained, (well-)versed, expert, master, masterly, qualified, professional, competent, efficient, capable
Experienced Verb Synonyms: mature, seasoned, sophisticated, battle-scarred, seasoned, veteran, in the know, savvy

Other Words for Experiment

Experiment Adjective Synonyms: test, trial, investigation, inquiry or enquiry, examination, experimentation, research, proof

Other Words for Experiment With

Experiment With Noun Synonyms: test, try, examine, investigate, research, probe

Other Words for Experimental

Experimental Verb Synonyms: empirical, experiential
Experimental Noun Synonyms: hypothetical, theoretical, tentative, speculative, conjectural, exploratory

Other Words for Expert

Expert Adjective Synonyms: authority, professional, specialist, scholar, master, connoisseur, pundit, wizard, whiz, pro, ace, dab hand, boffin, maven or mavin

Other Words for Expertise

Expertise Noun Synonyms: expertness, skill, knowledge, know-how, judgment, mastery, dexterity, adroitness, savvy

Other Words for Expiration

Expiration Adjective Synonyms: expiry, finish, (coming to an) end, termination, running out, ending, conclusion, concluding, close, closing, discontinuance, discontinuation

Other Words for Expire

Expire Verb Synonyms: exhale, breathe out, expel
Expire Noun Synonyms: cease, (come to an) end, close, finish, terminate, run out, conclude, discontinue

Other Words for Explain

Explain Verb Synonyms: interpret, define, explicate, detail, delineate, make plain, simplify, spell out, resolve, get across, clarify, clear up, elucidate, illustrate, expound, describe, disclose, unfold, unravel, untangle

Other Words for Explain Away

Explain Away Verb Synonyms: justify, account for, excuse, rationalize, legitimate, legitimatize, extenuate, palliate

Other Words for Explanation

Explanation Verb Synonyms: interpretation, definition, explication, delineation, simplification, resolution, clarification, elucidation, description, illustration, exposition, account, disclosure, exegesis, commentary, criticism, analysis

Other Words for Explanatory

Explanatory Noun Synonyms: explanative, elucidative, revelatory, interpretive or interpretative, expository, descriptive, critical, exegetic(al)

Other Words for Expletive

Expletive Adjective Synonyms: oath, swear-word, curse, obscenity, epithet, cuss-word, dirty word, four-letter word
Expletive Noun Synonyms: wordy, verbose, prolix, repetitious, redundant, tautological, iterative, reiterative, pleonastic, unnecessary, unneeded, needless, unessential, non-essential, gratuitous, superfluous

Other Words for Explicit

Explicit Noun Synonyms: specific, categorical, (crystal-)clear, definite, well-defined, distinct, unambiguous, precise, exact, unequivocal, express, stated, plain, manifest, unmistakable, positive, absolute, final, peremptory, unqualified, unconditional

Other Words for Explode

Explode Adjective Synonyms: blow up, burst, blast, fly apart, go off, erupt, fulminate, set off, detonate
Explode Verb Synonyms: lose one's temper, rant, rave, rage, storm, throw a tantrum, get into a tizzy, blow one's top, fly off the handle, go through or hit the roof, hit the ceiling, lose one's cool, go up the wall, blow one's stack or cool, flip (one's lid), fr

Other Words for Exploit

Exploit Verb Synonyms: achievement, deed, feat, attainment, accomplishment

Other Words for Exploration

Exploration Noun Synonyms: examination, investigation, search, probe, inquiry or enquiry, study, research, analysis, review, scrutiny, inspection, survey, reconnaissance, observation, expedition

Other Words for Explore

Explore Noun Synonyms: investigate, scrutinize, examine, inquire or enquire into, inspect, probe, search, research, look into, study, analyze, review, observe
Explore Verb Synonyms: survey, tour, travel, reconnoitre, traverse

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