Other Words for Explosion

Explosion Noun Synonyms: increase, burgeoning or bourgeoning, expansion, welling up, mushrooming
Explosion Verb Synonyms: blast, bang, report, burst, boom, clap, crack, eruption, crash, outburst, fulmination, detonation

Other Words for Explosive

Explosive Noun Synonyms: volatile, sensitive, delicate, tense, anxious, fraught, touch-and-go, touchy, inflammable, (highly) charged, unstable, uncertain, unsound, shaky, hazardous, chancy, unpredictable, precarious, dangerous, perilous, critical, nasty, ugly, dicey, iffy

Other Words for Expose

Expose Adjective Synonyms: (lay) bare, reveal, uncover, show, exhibit, present, display, disclose, divulge, unveil, unmask, discover, air, ventilate, let out, leak, betray, bring to light, make known

Other Words for Expose To

Expose To Noun Synonyms: subject to, introduce to, acquaint with, bring into contact with

Other Words for Exposition

Exposition Verb Synonyms: exhibition, show(ing), presentation, display, demonstration, exhibit , expo
Exposition Noun Synonyms: paper, theme, article, essay, thesis, dissertation, treatise, disquisition, study, critique, commentary

Other Words for Exposure

Exposure Noun Synonyms: baring, uncovering, laying open, unveiling, disclosure, disclosing, unmasking, revealing, revelation, expos‚, airing, publication, publishing, communicating, communication, leaking, leak, divulging

Other Words for Express

Express Adjective Synonyms: quick, speedy, swift, fast, rapid, prompt, immediate, direct, non-stop
Express Verb Synonyms: symbolize, represent, signify, stand for, denote, designate
Express Noun Synonyms: articulate, verbalize, phrase, utter, voice, state, word, put (into words), set or put forth, put or get across, communicate, depict, portray, say, speak, tell

Other Words for Expression

Expression Noun Synonyms: look, mien, air, appearance, face, aspect, countenance
Expression Adjective Synonyms: verbalization, airing, representation, declaration, utterance, assertion, enunciation, asseveration, pronouncement, communication, voicing, announcement

Other Words for Expressive

Expressive Adjective Synonyms: striking, vivid, telling, pregnant, loaded, forceful, moving, emotional, poignant, provocative, thought-provoking
Expressive Noun Synonyms: indicative, suggestive, allusive, eloquent, revealing, meaningful, significant, denotative

Other Words for Expressly

Expressly Adjective Synonyms: distinctly, definitely, categorically, explicitly, absolutely, positively, directly, unambiguously, unequivocally, unmistakably, plainly, pointedly, exactly, clearly

Other Words for Expulsion

Expulsion Adverb Synonyms: expelling, ejection, eviction, repudiation, ouster, removal, dismissal, discharge, the (old) heave-ho, the boot, the sack, sacking, the bounce

Other Words for Exquisite

Exquisite Adjective Synonyms: beautiful, perfect, lovely, attractive, handsome, comely, good-looking, smart, chic, elegant, striking
Exquisite Adverb Synonyms: delicate, fine, elegant, graceful, excellent, choice, well-crafted, well-made, well-executed, refined, elaborate
Exquisite Noun Synonyms: ingenious, detailed, recherch‚, rare, subtle, deep, abstruse, far-fetched

Other Words for Extemporaneous

Extemporaneous Adjective Synonyms: unstudied, unpremeditated, extempore, extemporary, impromptu, improvised, spontaneous, unrehearsed, extemporized, unprepared, unplanned, unscripted, offhand, ad lib, extempore, off the cuff

Other Words for Extend

Extend Verb Synonyms: last, stretch, continue, go or carry on, perpetuate, drag on or out, keep up or on, prolong
Extend Adjective Synonyms: stretch or spread (out), outstretch, outspread, open (out), unroll, unfold, reach, range, carry on, draw out, continue, develop

Other Words for Extension

Extension Noun Synonyms: addendum, addition, annexe, wing, adjunct, ell, appendage, appendix, supplement
Extension Verb Synonyms: stretching, expansion, increase, enlargement, augmentation, development, amplification, broadening, widening, lengthening, spread, spreading

Other Words for Extensive

Extensive Noun Synonyms: broad, wide, expansive, far-reaching, far-ranging, wide-ranging, far-flung, sweeping, widespread, comprehensive, all-embracing, national, nationwide, international, intercontinental, cosmopolitan, worldwide, global, universal, vast, cosmic

Other Words for Extent

Extent Adjective Synonyms: magnitude, dimensions, compass, size, range, scale, sweep, scope, expanse, immensity, enormousness, capaciousness, spaciousness, space, amplitude

Other Words for Extenuating

Extenuating Noun Synonyms: mitigating, lessening, tempering, palliating, moderating, diminishing, qualifying

Other Words for Exterior

Exterior Adjective Synonyms: external, extrinsic, extraneous, foreign, alien, exotic, outside
Exterior Noun Synonyms: outer, outside, external, outward, superficial, surface

Other Words for Exterminate

Exterminate Adjective Synonyms: destroy, root out, eradicate, extirpate, annihilate, eliminate, weed out, get rid of, wipe out, obliterate, put an end to, terminate, liquidate, massacre, murder, kill (off), butcher, slaughter, bump off, rub out, waste

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