Other Words for Elementary

Elementary Adjective Synonyms: simple, rudimentary, easy, straightforward, uncomplicated, clear, understandable, plain

Other Words for Elements

Elements Noun Synonyms: (adverse or unfavourable) weather, climatic conditions

Other Words for Elevated

Elevated Adjective Synonyms: raised, upraised, uplifted, lifted (up)

Other Words for Elevation

Elevation Noun Synonyms: swelling, lump, wen, eminence, prominence, hill, height, rise
Elevation Adjective Synonyms: altitude, height

Other Words for Elfin

Elfin Noun Synonyms: elvish, elfish, elf-like, impish, puckish, frolicsome, sprightly, arch, playful, mischievous, tricky
Elfin Adjective Synonyms: small, wee, diminutive, tiny, little, dainty, Lilliputian

Other Words for Elicit

Elicit Adjective Synonyms: draw out, call forth, evoke, bring out or forth, bring to light, extract, wring, wrest, wrench

Other Words for Eligible

Eligible Verb Synonyms: fit, worthy, qualified, proper, suitable, appropriate, fitting

Other Words for Eliminate

Eliminate Adjective Synonyms: remove, exclude, rule out, reject, drop, leave out, omit
Eliminate Verb Synonyms: take out or away, omit, get rid of, dispose of, expel, knock out

Other Words for Elite

Elite Verb Synonyms: gentry, aristocracy, aristocrats, elect, upper class, nobility, privileged class, blue bloods, haut monde, jet set, jet-setters, Four Hundred, F.F.V., First Families of Virginia, upper crust, beautiful people, nobs
Elite Noun Synonyms: elite, aristocratic, elect, upper-class, privileged, blue-blooded, noble, exclusive, choice, best, top

Other Words for Elixir

Elixir Noun Synonyms: essence, potion, extract, tincture, compound, mixture
Elixir Adjective Synonyms: panacea, cure-all, nostrum, wonder drug, miracle drug, sovereign remedy

Other Words for Eloquent

Eloquent Noun Synonyms: expressive, articulate, silver-tongued, fluent, well-spoken, effective, persuasive, convincing, cogent, trenchant, incisive, graphic, vivid, striking, facile, smooth, glib, oratorical, rhetorical
Eloquent Adjective Synonyms: suggestive, meaningful, pregnant

Other Words for Elsewhere

Elsewhere Adjective Synonyms: somewhere else, to another place, in another place, abroad, absent, away

Other Words for Elude

Elude Adverb Synonyms: evade, escape, avoid, dodge, slip away from, duck, give the slip, shake off
Elude Verb Synonyms: evade, escape, baffle, puzzle, confuse, bewilder, confound, frustrate, stump, thwart

Other Words for Elusive

Elusive Adjective Synonyms: evasive, evanescent, fleeting, fugitive, transitory, indefinable, elusory, intangible, impalpable
Elusive Verb Synonyms: evasive, slippery, tricky, shifty

Other Words for Emaciated

Emaciated Adjective Synonyms: emaciate, atrophied, shriveled, wizened, shrunken, haggard, gaunt, drawn, pinched, bony, skeletal, cadaverous, withered, wasted, consumptive, phthisic, anorexic or anorectic, wasting (away), scrawny, skinny, thin, lean, spare, undernourished, underfed

Other Words for Emanate

Emanate Verb Synonyms: radiate, give off or out, send out or forth, disseminate, discharge, put out, emit, exhale, ooze, exude
Emanate Adjective Synonyms: issue, come (out), emerge, proceed, flow, ooze, exude, radiate

Other Words for Emancipate

Emancipate Verb Synonyms: release, set free, liberate, enfranchise, manumit, loose, let loose, let go, set free, disenthral, unfetter, unchain, unshackle, deliver

Other Words for Embargo

Embargo Verb Synonyms: restraint, block, blockage, bar, ban, stoppage, cessation, proscription, prohibition, interdiction, check, restriction, barrier, hindrance, impediment
Embargo Noun Synonyms: restrain, block, bar, ban, stop, cease, proscribe, prohibit, interdict, check, restrict, hold back, prevent, hinder, impede, retard, hold up

Other Words for Embark

Embark Verb Synonyms: board, go aboard, entrain, emplane or enplane

Other Words for Embark On

Embark On Verb Synonyms: commence, begin, enter (upon), initiate, launch, start, go into, set about, take up or on, engage in, assume, tackle

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