Other Words for Embarrass

Embarrass Verb Synonyms: disconcert, discomfit, chagrin, abash, shame, mortify, humble, humiliate, discountenance, discompose, fluster, upset, distress, disgrace, show up

Other Words for Embarrassed

Embarrassed Adjective Synonyms: in debt, in the red, straitened, insolvent, short, hard up, broke, skint
Embarrassed Verb Synonyms: ashamed, shamefaced, blushing, disconcerted, discomfited, chagrined, abashed, shamed, mortified, humiliated, discountenanced, discomposed, flustered, distressed, red-faced, uncomfortable, self-conscious, sheepish, red in the face, humbled, disgraced

Other Words for Embarrassing

Embarrassing Adjective Synonyms: awkward, humiliating, mortifying, shaming, shameful, uncomfortable, discomfiting, disconcerting, touchy, distressing, worrying

Other Words for Embarrassment

Embarrassment Adjective Synonyms: bashfulness, awkwardness, clumsiness, discomposure, abashment, uneasiness, discomfort, self-consciousness, mortification, chagrin
Embarrassment Noun Synonyms: difficulty, mess, predicament, dilemma, problem, trouble, hot water, pickle, fix, scrape, bind

Other Words for Embellish

Embellish Noun Synonyms: beautify, improve, titivate or tittivate, dress (up), trick out or up, enhance, elaborate, enrich, embroider, gild, furbish (up), garnish, decorate, adorn, ornament, deck, bedeck, trim, elaborate, caparison, rubricate, varnish, gild refined gold
Embellish Verb Synonyms: elaborate, exaggerate, overdo, embroider, enhance, dress up

Other Words for Embellishment

Embellishment Verb Synonyms: decoration, ornamentation, ornament, elaboration, adornment, embroidery
Embellishment Noun Synonyms: exaggeration, enhancement, tinsel, garnish, gilding, frill

Other Words for Embers

Embers Noun Synonyms: live coals, cinders, ashes, remains, remnants

Other Words for Embezzle

Embezzle Noun Plural Synonyms: misappropriate, peculate, misapply, misuse, steal, make off or away with, filch, pilfer, purloin, defalcate, have one's hand in the till

Other Words for Embezzlement

Embezzlement Verb Synonyms: misappropriation, peculation, misapplication, misuse, misusing, abstraction, stealing, theft, thievery, larceny, filching, purloining, pilferage, pilfering, defalcation

Other Words for Embittered

Embittered Noun Synonyms: bitter, resentful, sour, soured, caustic, acrimonious, acid, envenomed, angry, choleric, rancorous

Other Words for Emblem

Emblem Adjective Synonyms: badge, insigne, symbol, representation, device, seal, crest, token, sign, trade mark, logotype or logo

Other Words for Emblematic

Emblematic Noun Synonyms: emblematical, symbolic(al), representative, representational

Other Words for Embodiment

Embodiment Noun Synonyms: consolidation, collection, unification, incorporation, inclusion, integration, combination, concentration, systematization, organization, codification, synthesis, epitome
Embodiment Adjective Synonyms: incarnation, realization, concretization, manifestation, expression, personification, materialization, actualization, reification, substantiation

Other Words for Embody

Embody Verb Synonyms: exemplify, typify, represent, symbolize, stand for
Embody Noun Synonyms: concretize, realize, manifest, express, personify, materialize, reify, actualize, externalize, incarnate

Other Words for Embrace

Embrace Verb Synonyms: hug, clasp, grasp, hold, enfold, cuddle, cleave together, clip

Other Words for Emerge

Emerge Noun Synonyms: appear, come out, come forth, come up, rise, arise, surface, come into view or notice, come to light, be revealed, crop up, turn out, develop, become known, become apparent, transpire, happen, evolve
Emerge Verb Synonyms: issue, emanate, come forth, proceed

Other Words for Emergence

Emergence Verb Synonyms: rise, surfacing, appearance, development, materialization, manifestation

Other Words for Emergency

Emergency Noun Synonyms: crisis, exigency, danger, predicament, difficulty, pinch

Other Words for Emigrant

Emigrant Noun Synonyms: ‚migr‚, expatriate, displaced person, DP, refugee, boat person, colonist, settler

Other Words for Emigrate

Emigrate Noun Synonyms: migrate, move, relocate, resettle, leave, quit, depart, forsake

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