Other Words for Eminent

Eminent Adjective Synonyms: conspicuous, outstanding, marked
Eminent Verb Synonyms: distinguished, esteemed, exalted, respected, revered, honoured, dignified, notable, noteworthy, important, noted, outstanding, prominent, pre-eminent, conspicuous, superior, great, illustrious, famous, renowned, well-known, celebrated

Other Words for Eminently

Eminently Adjective Synonyms: very, exceedingly, extremely, exceptionally, remarkably, singularly, notably, signally

Other Words for Emit

Emit Adverb Synonyms: discharge, eject, expel, emanate, send out or forth, pour out or forth, give off or out, issue, vent, radiate, exhale, exude, ooze

Other Words for Emotion

Emotion Verb Synonyms: feeling, passion, sentiment, sensation

Other Words for Emotional

Emotional Adjective Synonyms: tense, nervous, excitable, highly-strung, high-strung, temperamental, volatile, hotheaded, demonstrative
Emotional Noun Synonyms: passionate, impassioned, ardent, enthusiastic, heated, zealous, heartfelt, excited, fervent, fervid

Other Words for Emphasis

Emphasis Adjective Synonyms: importance, stress, significance, prominence, attention, weight, gravity, force, moment, pre-eminence, priority, underscoring, underlining, paralipsis

Other Words for Emphasize

Emphasize Noun Synonyms: stress, accentuate, accent, underscore, point up, underline, call or draw attention to, mark, highlight, play up, spotlight, feature

Other Words for Emphatic

Emphatic Verb Synonyms: firm, uncompromising, determined, decided, resolute, dogged, earnest, definite, unequivocal, unambiguous, distinct, dogmatic, categorical, peremptory, explicit, incisive, insistent, affirmative, positive, sure, certain, unmistakable or unmistakeable

Other Words for Empirical

Empirical Adjective Synonyms: empiric, experiential, practical, observed, pragmatic, experimental

Other Words for Employ

Employ Verb Synonyms: use, make use of, utilize, apply
Employ Adjective Synonyms: hire, engage, enlist, recruit, enrol, sign (up), take on, retain, commission

Other Words for Employee

Employee Adjective Synonyms: worker, staff member, wage-earner, hand

Other Words for Employer

Employer Noun Synonyms: proprietor, owner, patron, manager, director, chief, head, boss, gaffer, governor, Eye guv'nor, guv

Other Words for Employment

Employment Noun Synonyms: occupation, job, trade, work, business, profession, vocation, calling, livelihood, pursuit, m‚tier, skill, craft, line, racket

Other Words for Emptiness

Emptiness Noun Synonyms: voidness, hollowness, vacantness, vacancy, vacuity, blankness, bareness, barrenness, desolation, desertedness, vacuum, void

Other Words for Empty

Empty Adjective Synonyms: vacant, unoccupied, uninhabited, untenanted
Empty Noun Synonyms: void, unfilled, hollow, bare, barren, vacant, unfurnished, unadorned, undecorated, emptied, drained, spent, exhausted

Other Words for Empty Of

Empty Of Adjective Synonyms: devoid of, lacking (in), wanting, in want of, deficient in, destitute of, without, sans

Other Words for Enable

Enable Verb Synonyms: qualify, authorize, entitle, permit, allow, sanction, approve, empower, license,commission, entrust, depute, delegate, assign, charter, franchise

Other Words for Enact

Enact Verb Synonyms: pass, legislate, ratify, ordain, decree, rule, command, order, authorize

Other Words for Enchant

Enchant Verb Synonyms: bewitch, cast a spell on, ensorcell or ensorcel, spellbind, hypnotize, mesmerize, voodoo, magic, hex, hoodoo

Other Words for Enchanted

Enchanted Verb Synonyms: pleased, delighted, happy, thrilled, French enchant‚(e)

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