Other Words for Enchanting

Enchanting Adjective Synonyms: beguiling, bewitching, entrancing, spellbinding, charming, fascinating, captivating, intriguing, enthralling, alluring, delightful, hypnotic, attractive, appealing, winsome, ravishing, seductive

Other Words for Enchantment

Enchantment Noun Synonyms: charm, beguilement, allure, fascination, rapture, mesmerism, bliss
Enchantment Verb Synonyms: witchcraft, sorcery, magic, wizardry, thaumaturgy, conjuration or conjury, spell, charm, jinx, hex

Other Words for Encircle

Encircle Noun Synonyms: surround, gird, circle, enclose, ring, encompass, compass, confine, hem or hold in, wreathe

Other Words for Enclose

Enclose Verb Synonyms: inclose, confine, shut in, close or hem in, surround, pen, encircle, encompass, bound, envelop, hedge in, wall in, immure, fence in or off, corral

Other Words for Enclosure

Enclosure Noun Synonyms: fence, wall, rail, railing, barrier, hedge, barricade, boundary
Enclosure Verb Synonyms: fold, pen, cote, run, sty, yard, farmyard, barnyard, courtyard, quadrangle or quad, square, compound, close, corral

Other Words for Encounter

Encounter Verb Synonyms: face, experience, meet with, contend with, be faced with, come into contact with, wrestle with
Encounter Noun Synonyms: meet, come upon, run into or across, happen upon, chance upon, hit upon, light upon, stumble upon, bump into

Other Words for Encourage

Encourage Verb Synonyms: promote, advance, aid, support, help, assist, abet, foster, forward, boost, give a shot in the arm
Encourage Noun Synonyms: hearten, embolden, reassure, buoy (up), stimulate, animate, support, inspirit, inspire, cheer (up), urge or spur on or onward(s), incite, egg on, pep up

Other Words for Encouragement

Encouragement Noun Synonyms: boost, stimulus, help, aid, support, pep talk
Encouragement Verb Synonyms: heartening, reassuring, reassurance, buoying up, stimulating, stimulation, stimulus, animating, animation, supporting, support, promoting, promotion, inspiring, inspiration, cheering, urging, spur, spurring, exhorting, exhortation, prodding, urging

Other Words for Encroach On

Encroach On Noun Synonyms: intrude, trespass, infringe, invade, make inroads

Other Words for Encumber

Encumber Verb Synonyms: burden, weigh down, load (up or down), overload, overburden, strain, oppress, saddle, tax, overtax

Other Words for Encumbrance

Encumbrance Verb Synonyms: weight, burden, onus, cross (to bear), albatross, millstone, handicap, impediment, hindrance, obstacle, obstruction, liability, disadvantage, drag

Other Words for Encyclopedic

Encyclopedic Noun Synonyms: encyclopaedic, comprehensive, inclusive, broad, extensive, universal, thorough, exhaustive, wide-ranging, complete

Other Words for End

End Noun Synonyms: close, termination, conclusion, cessation, expiration, finish, completion, finale, ending, wind-up, denouement or d‚nouement
End Verb Synonyms: kill, put to death, annihilate, exterminate, terminate, extinguish, destroy, ruin
End Adjective Synonyms: extremity, extreme, extent, bound, boundary, tip, limit, terminus

Other Words for Endanger

Endanger Verb Synonyms: imperil, threaten, jeopardize, risk, put at risk, hazard, expose (to danger), put in jeopardy, tempt fate

Other Words for Endangered

Endangered Verb Synonyms: imperilled, threatened, near extinction

Other Words for Endearing

Endearing Adjective Synonyms: attractive, engaging, likeable, appealing, winsome, captivating, winning

Other Words for Endeavour

Endeavour Adjective Synonyms: try, attempt, strive, make an effort, do one's best, struggle, exert oneself, undertake, aim, aspire, take a stab at, have a go or crack or whack or shot at
Endeavour Verb Synonyms: effort, pains, attempt, try, striving, struggle, venture, enterprise, stab, crack, whack, shot

Other Words for Endless

Endless Adjective Synonyms: ceaseless, uninterrupted, incessant, unceasing, unending, constant, perpetual, interminable, unremitting, non-stop, continuous, continual, everlasting
Endless Noun Synonyms: limitless, unlimited, boundless, unbounded, infinite, immeasurable, eternal, unending

Other Words for Endorse

Endorse Adjective Synonyms: indorse, approve, sanction, authorize, advocate, support, back, subscribe to, sustain, confirm, countenance, put one's stamp or seal (of approval) on, set one's seal (of approval) to, give (something) one's imprimatur, OK, okay
Endorse Verb Synonyms: indorse, countersign

Other Words for Endorsement

Endorsement Noun Synonyms: counter-signature
Endorsement Verb Synonyms: indorsement, approval, affirmation, sanction, authorization, confirmation, ratification, support, backing, approbation, seal or stamp of approval, imprimatur, OK, okay

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