Other Words for Early

Early Adjective Synonyms
initial, beginning, original, first, pioneer, advanced
He was one of the earliest writers on the subject.

primeval, primitive, primordial, ancient, old, prehistoric, antediluvian, original, antique, antiquated
The Olduvai Gorge has yielded up many early humanoid fossils.

Early Adverb Synonyms
betimes, at cock crow or cock's-crow, at (the crack or break of) dawn, at daybreak
You're up early this morning.

untimely, premature, inopportune, inappropriate
The early fruit isn't as sweet.

anciently, initially, originally, at or near the start or beginning
Plants appeared early in the development of life forms on earth.

Early Noun Synonyms
beforehand, ahead (of time), prematurely
I arrived too early and had to wait.

More Words for Early

Old / First / Original

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