Other Words for Earn

Earn Adjective Synonyms
merit, deserve, be worthy of, be entitled to, win, warrant, rate, qualify for, have a claim or right to
Peter has earned everyone's respect.

Earn Verb Synonyms
make, pocket, gross, net, clear, realize, receive, get, procure, collect, reap, bring in, take home, draw, pull down
It is still the case that most men earn more than their wives.

More Words for Earn

Make / Draw / Clear / Net / Get / Warrant / Rate

Low Price-Earnings Ratio Effect

Business / Finance / Low Price-Earnings Ratio Effect: The tendency of portfolios of stocks with a low price-earnings ratio to outperform portfolios of stocks with high price-earnings ratios. MORE

Primary Earnings Per (Common) Share

Business / Finance / Primary Earnings Per (Common) Share: Earnings available for the payment of dividends to common stockholders divided by the number of common shares outstanding. MORE

Ratios Of High-Low Prices To Earnings

Business / Finance / Ratios Of High-Low Prices To Earnings: High-Low prices as a multiple of earnings per share. MORE

Learning Style

Business / Human Resources (HR) / Learning Style: Learning styles are defined, classified, and identified in various ways. Broadly speaking, they are overall patterns that provide direction to learning and teaching. Learning style can also be describ MORE

Active Learning

Business / Human Resources (HR) / Active Learning: The process of learning new knowledge, skills and behaviors through taking specific actions or performing specific tasks. MORE

Earned Income Credit

Business / Finance / Earned Income Credit: The annual rate, as a % of equity, at which retained earnings, after dividend payout, are added to equity capital at the beginning of the year. MORE