Other Words for Earnest

Earnest Adjective Synonyms
zealous, ardent, diligent, assiduous, industrious, hard-working, devoted, eager, conscientious, keen, fervent, fervid, enthusiastic, passionate
Burbridge is an earnest pupil.

Earnest Verb Synonyms
serious, solemn, grave, sober, intense, steady, resolute, resolved, firm, determined, assiduous, sincere, dedicated, committed, devoted, thoughtful
He made an earnest promise to do his best.

More Words for Earnest


Earnest Money

Business / Construction / Earnest Money: A sum paid to the seller to show that a potential purchaser is serious about buying. MORE


Business / Construction / Binder: A receipt for a deposit to secure the right to purchase a home at an agreed terms by a buyer and seller. MORE

Good Faith Deposit

Business / Finance / Good Faith Deposit: Refers to PSA Uniform Practices such as cutoff times on delivery of securities and notification, allocation, and proper endorsement. MORE


Business / Real Estate / Deposit: Money offered by a prospective buyer as an indication of good faith in entering into a contract to purchase, earnest money, security for the buyers performance of a contract. An earnest money deposit MORE


Business / Accounting / Accounting: A service activity designed to accumulate, measure, and communicate financial information about economic entities for decision-making purposes. MORE

Trust Fund Bank Account

Business / Real Estate / Trust Fund Bank Account: An account set up by a broker, attorney or other agent at a bank or other recognized depository, into which the broker deposits all funds entrusted to the agent by the principal or others, also called MORE