Other Words for Ease

Ease Adjective Synonyms
comfort, repose, well-being, relaxation, leisure, rest, contentment, calmness, tranquillity, serenity, peacefulness, peace, peace and quiet
After 50 years of hard work, she felt entitled to a few years of ease.

Ease Noun Synonyms
comfort, relax, calm, tranquillize, quieten, still, pacify, soothe, disburden
It eased his mind to learn that there was a reserve budget for emergencies.

easiness, simplicity, facility, effortlessness, adeptness
He passed the other runners with ease.

naturalness, informality, unaffectedness, ingenuousness, casualness, artlessness, insouciance, nonchalance, aplomb, unconcern
I admire the ease with which she converses with complete strangers.

affluence, wealth, prosperity, luxury, opulence, abundance, plenty
He has always led a life of ease, never having had to work.

Ease Verb Synonyms
maneuver, manipulate, inch, guide, steer, slip
The helmsman eased the ship into dock.

lessen, diminish, abate, mitigate, reduce, decrease, allay, alleviate, assuage, mollify, appease, palliate, quiet, relieve
Her anxiety was considerably eased by the news that John would not need an operation after all.

facilitate, expedite, simplify, smooth, further, clear, assist, aid, advance, forward, help
Having a wealthy father eased her way in life.

More Words for Ease

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