Other Words for Eminent

Eminent Adjective Synonyms
conspicuous, outstanding, marked
His suggestion made eminent good sense.

Eminent Verb Synonyms
distinguished, esteemed, exalted, respected, revered, honoured, dignified, notable, noteworthy, important, noted, outstanding, prominent, pre-eminent, conspicuous, superior, great, illustrious, famous, renowned, well-known, celebrated
Mcleod is an eminent meteorologist.

Eminent Domain

Business / Real Estate / Eminent Domain: The right of the government to acquire title to property for public use by condemnation, the property owner receives compensation which is generally fair market value. MORE


Technology / Email / Conversion: When an email recipient performs a desired action based on a mailing you have sent. A conversion could be a monetary transaction, such as a purchase made after clicking a link. It could also include a MORE


Business / Real Estate / Downzoning: A change in zoning from a higher to a lower classification or from a more active to less active classification, such as from residential to conservation, or multifamily to single-family use. In these MORE


Business / Real Estate / Taking: The concept of taking comes from the Takings clause of the fifth amendment of the United States Constitution. The clause reads, nor shall private property be taken for public use, without just compens MORE


Business / Real Estate / Condemnation: A judicial or administrative proceeding to exercise the power of eminent domain, through which a government agency takes private property for public use and compensates the owner. MORE

Inverse Condemnation

Business / Real Estate / Inverse Condemnation: A property owner forcing a government to take a property by eminent domain when that governments actions resulted in the owners inability to use the property. MORE