Other Words for Exchange

Exchange Adjective Synonyms
trade, barter, switch, change, interchange, reciprocate, return, swap or swop
We exchange gifts every Christmas.

trade, barter, change, traffic, commerce, dealing, truck, transfer, interchange, reciprocity, reciprocation, switch, quid pro quo, tit for tat, swap or swop
An exchange of prisoners was negotiated. What can I do for you in exchange.

Exchange Verb Synonyms
market, stock market, Stock Exchange, securities exchange, the Market, the Board, the Big Board, the Exchange, the Bourse, Wall Street, the Street
The exchange reported little activity in anticipation of the finance minister's speech.

More Words for Exchange

Market / Change

American Stock Exchange (AMEX)

Business / Finance / American Stock Exchange (AMEX): Stock exchange with the third highest volume of trading in the U.S. Located at 86 Trinity Place in downtown Manhattan. The bulk of trading on AMEX consists of index options (computer technology index, MORE

New York Stock Exchange (NYSE)

Business / Finance / New York Stock Exchange (NYSE): Also known as the Big Board or the Exchange. MORE

Brussels Stock Exchange (BSE)

Business / Finance / Brussels Stock Exchange (BSE): Stock exchange that handles the majority of securities transactions in Belgium. MORE

London Commodity Exchange (LCE)

Business / Finance / London Commodity Exchange (LCE): Merged with the London International Financial Futures and Options Exchange in 1996. MORE


Business / Finance / Exchangeable: A nickname for the New York Stock Exchange. Also known as the Big Board, where more than 2000 common and preferred stocks are traded. The exchange is the oldest in the United States, founded in 1792, MORE

Stock Exchange Of Singapore (SES)

Business / Finance / Stock Exchange Of Singapore (SES): Only stock exchange located in Hong Kong. MORE