Other Words for Fiddle With

Fiddle With Adjective Synonyms: meddle (with), tamper (with), interfere (with), alter, falsify, fix, cheat, swindle, flimflam, finagle, cook

Other Words for Fiddlesticks

Fiddlesticks Noun Synonyms: Nonsense!, Rubbish!, Fiddle-de-dee!, Balderdash!, Stuff and Nonsense!, Poppycock!, Pish and tush!, Tommy-rot!, Hogwash!, Eyewash!, Boloney!, Bilge-water!, Moonshine!, Humbug!, Bosh!, Fiddle-faddle!, Bull!, Rot!, Codswallop!

Other Words for Fidget

Fidget Noun Synonyms: squirm, twitch, shuffle, wriggle, wiggle, fiddle, fuss, fret, chafe
Fidget Interjectionection Synonyms: fusspot, fuss-budget, cat on hot bricks, cat on a hot tin roof, nervous Nellie

Other Words for Field

Field Verb Synonyms: ground, land, arable, pasture, grassland, meadow, green, lawn, common, clearing, tract, area, acreage, greensward, lea, sward, mead
Field Noun Synonyms: battlefield, battleground, airfield, (cricket) pitch, football or hockey or soccer field, gridiron

Other Words for Fiendish

Fiendish Verb Synonyms: cruel, savage, inhuman, monstrous, ghoulish, malignant, malevolent, malicious, wicked, evil, bad, black-hearted, satanic, devilish, Mephistophelian, demonic, demoniac(al), diabolic(al), cacodemonic, hellish, infernal

Other Words for Fierce

Fierce Adjective Synonyms: intractable, angry, furious, hostile, aggressive, vehement, frenzied, stormy, violent, turbulent, wild, tempestuous, tumultuous, raging, merciless, uncontrollable
Fierce Verb Synonyms: ferocious, savage, wild, truculent, brutish, feral, bestial, tigerish, brutal, cruel, fell, murderous, bloodthirsty, sanguinary, homicidal, barbaric, barbarous, inhuman, dangerous

Other Words for Fiercely

Fiercely Adjective Synonyms: very, extremely, exceedingly, vehemently, intensely, impetuously, violently, furiously, ferociously, viciously, savagely

Other Words for Fiery

Fiery Adverb Synonyms: glowing, red, incandescent, brilliant, luminous, glaring, gleaming, radiant, aglow, afire
Fiery Adjective Synonyms: burning, flaming, blazing, hot, red-hot, white-hot, overheated, afire, on fire, in flames, ablaze

Other Words for Fight

Fight Adjective Synonyms: contend (with), battle, conflict (with), encounter, war (against), engage, clash, take up arms (against), feud (with), combat, bear or take up arms (against), brawl, struggle or strive (with or against), cross swords (with), close (with)
Fight Verb Synonyms: argue, dispute, bicker, quarrel, wrangle, squabble, spat, tiff, fall out (over), have words, disagree, row, altercate, debate
Fight Noun Synonyms: pugnacity, mettle, militancy, belligerence, truculence, spirit, pluck, zeal, enthusiasm, zest

Other Words for Fight Off

Fight Off Verb Synonyms: repel, repulse

Other Words for Figure

Figure Verb Synonyms: act, participate, take or play a part or role, appear, feature, have a place, be included or mentioned, be featured or conspicuous
Figure Noun Synonyms: physique, build, shape, form, configuration, conformation, build, body, outline, silhouette, cut, cast, bod, chassis

Other Words for Figure On

Figure On Verb Synonyms: rely or depend on or upon, count on or upon, trust in, put faith in

Other Words for Figure Out

Figure Out Verb Synonyms: calculate, reckon, compute, work out

Other Words for Figure Up

Figure Up Noun Synonyms: calculate, compute, reckon, work out, count, enumerate, numerate, total, tot up, tally, sum

Other Words for Figurehead

Figurehead Verb Synonyms: puppet, dummy, marionette, mouthpiece, man of straw, straw man, front man, front

Other Words for File

File Verb Synonyms: document, documentation, dossier, case, data, folder, portfolio, information
File Noun Synonyms: line, queue, column, row, rank

Other Words for Fill

Fill Verb Synonyms: crowd, stuff, cram, jam, load, burden, pack, squeeze

Other Words for Fill Out

Fill Out Verb Synonyms: swell, expand, grow, distend, stretch, fatten, increase

Other Words for Fill Up

Fill Up Verb Synonyms: supply, provide, furnish

Other Words for Filling

Filling Verb Synonyms: filler, stuffing, padding, wadding, contents, components, innards

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