Other Words for Fitness

Fitness Adjective Synonyms: health, healthiness, (good) (physical) condition, vigor, well-being, (good) shape, (fine) fettle, tone, wholesomeness, salubriousness or salubrity
Fitness Noun Synonyms: aptness, appropriateness, suitability, suitableness, competence, pertinence, seemliness, eligibility, adequacy, qualification(s)

Other Words for Fitted

Fitted Noun Synonyms: custom-made, tailor-made, tailored, bespoke

Other Words for Fitting

Fitting Noun Synonyms: fit, befitting, suitable, appropriate, meet, becoming, proper, comme il faut, seemly, apt, apropos, apposite, germane, relevant

Other Words for Fittings

Fittings Adjective Synonyms: fitments, attachments, accessories, elements, pieces, parts, units, fixtures, appointments, extras, installations, furnishings, trappings, furniture, equipment, accoutrements, paraphernalia, trimmings

Other Words for Fix

Fix Noun Synonyms: establish, set, settle, agree to, determine, organize, stabilize, firm up, solidify, decide, conclude, arrive at, define, specify, resolve, arrange, install or instal, institute
Fix Adjective Synonyms: affix, pin, fasten, make fast, attach, secure, stick, connect, link, tie, couple, clasp, clamp, rivet, cement, weld, fuse
Fix Verb Synonyms: repair, mend, fix up, remedy, rectify, correct, emend, adjust, patch (up), regulate, put or set to rights, doctor, straighten out

Other Words for Fix Up

Fix Up Verb Synonyms: furnish, supply, provide, accommodate, set up, lay on

Other Words for Fixation

Fixation Noun Synonyms: mania, obsession, compulsion, fixed idea, id‚e fixe, fetish, monomania, preoccupation, infatuation, hang-up, thing, kick

Other Words for Fixed

Fixed Adjective Synonyms: settled, resolved, agreed, regular, habitual, decided, arranged, prearranged, definite, established
Fixed Noun Synonyms: fastened, attached, anchored, set, secure(d), firm, stable, settled, immovable, immobile, stationary, rigid, rooted, solid, immobilized, stuck

Other Words for Fixture

Fixture Adjective Synonyms: meet, meeting, event, match, occasion, occurrence

Other Words for Fizz

Fizz Noun Synonyms: bubble, effervesce, sparkle, froth, fizzle, hiss, sputter, sizzle
Fizz Verb Synonyms: soda, soda water, club soda, seltzer, plain, soft drink, tonic

Other Words for Fizzle

Fizzle Noun Synonyms: fizz

Other Words for Fizzle Out

Fizzle Out Noun Synonyms: die (out or away), fizz out, expire, peter out, come to nothing or naught, fail, fall through, miscarry, abort, come to grief, misfire, collapse, cave in

Other Words for Flabby

Flabby Verb Synonyms: limp, loose, lax, flaccid, slack, floppy, sagging, drooping, baggy, pendulous, quaggy, soft

Other Words for Flag

Flag Verb Synonyms: droop, sag, dangle, hang down, swag, festoon
Flag Adjective Synonyms: banner, ensign, standard, pennant, banneret, pennon, streamer, bunting, jack, gonfalon, vexillum
Flag Noun Synonyms: mark, tag, label, tab, identify, tick (off), check (off)

Other Words for Flag Down

Flag Down Adjective Synonyms: warn, signal, hail, inform, stop

Other Words for Flagrant

Flagrant Verb Synonyms: blatant, brazen, bold, barefaced, audacious, arrant, glaring, outrageous, shocking, shameless, scandalous, atrocious, infamous, notorious, defiant, egregious, obvious, conspicuous, open, complete, out-and-out, utter, flagitious, monstrous, heinous, cruel

Other Words for Flair

Flair Verb Synonyms: talent, ability, aptitude, feel, knack, genius, skill, mind, gift, faculty, propensity, bent, proclivity, facility
Flair Adjective Synonyms: chic, panache, dash, style, stylishness, glamour, verve, sparkle, vitality, elegance, taste, savvy, pizazz or pizzazz, oomph

Other Words for Flak

Flak Noun Synonyms: flack, criticism, disapproval, censure, abuse, blame, aspersion, complaint(s), disapprobation, condemnation, brickbats

Other Words for Flake

Flake Noun Synonyms: snowflake, scale, chip, bit, piece, scrap, particle, tuft, flock, scurf, fragment, shaving, sliver, wafer, lamina, squama

Other Words for Flake Off

Flake Off Noun Synonyms: scale, chip, fragment, desquamate, exfoliate

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