Other Words for Flake Out

Flake Out Noun Synonyms: collapse, go to or fall asleep, drop off (to sleep), pass out, keel over

Other Words for Flamboyant

Flamboyant Verb Synonyms: elaborate, ornamented, ornate, decorated, embellished, baroque, rococo, florid

Other Words for Flame

Flame Adjective Synonyms: fire, blaze, conflagration
Flame Noun Synonyms: boyfriend, girlfriend, lover, heartthrob, sweetheart, beau

Other Words for Flaming

Flaming Noun Synonyms: obvious, conspicuous, blatant, flagrant, egregious, extravagant, bloody, bleeding, blasted, damned, blooming

Other Words for Flammable

Flammable Verb Synonyms: inflammable, combustible, burnable

Other Words for Flank

Flank Adjective Synonyms: side, quarter, loin, haunch
Flank Noun Synonyms: skirt, outmaneuver, outflank, circle, go (a)round

Other Words for Flannel

Flannel Verb Synonyms: flattery, humbug, nonsense, blarney, rubbish, prevarication, eyewash, hogwash, boloney, soft soap, weasel words, sweet talk, bull, crap, waffle, cock, bushwa, horseshit, (load of), codswallop, bollocks

Other Words for Flap

Flap Verb Synonyms: flapping, beat, wave, wag, waggle, flutter, oscillation
Flap Noun Synonyms: slap, slat, beat, flail, wave, wag, waggle, flutter, thresh, thrash, oscillate, vibrate

Other Words for Flare

Flare Verb Synonyms: blaze, flame, burst, outburst, flash, glare, dazzle, incandescence, brilliance, luminosity
Flare Noun Synonyms: spread, broadening, widening, expansion, swelling, bulge, increase, enlargement

Other Words for Flare Out

Flare Out Noun Synonyms: spread (out or outwards), widen, broaden, expand, increase, enlarge, bulge, swell

Other Words for Flare Up

Flare Up Verb Synonyms: anger, lose one's temper, chafe, seethe, fume, rage, throw a tantrum, become incensed or angry (etc.), blow up, burst forth, erupt, explode, get one's back up, get one's Irish or dander up, see red, get worked up, fly off the handle
Flare Up Noun Synonyms: blaze or flame (up), flash, erupt, break out, dazzle, flicker, glimmer, shimmer, flutter

Other Words for Flash

Flash Verb Synonyms: dazzling, showy, ostentatious, smart, chic, swish, classy, ritzy, snazzy
Flash Noun Synonyms: blaze, flame, flare, burst, dazzle, spark, sparkle, coruscation, fulguration, glitter, twinkle, twinkling, flicker, flickering, scintilla, scintillation, glint, shimmer, glimmer, gleam, beam, ray, shaft

Other Words for Flashy

Flashy Verb Synonyms: flash, gaudy, flamboyant, glaring, fulgurous, showy, ostentatious, loud, garish, vulgar, cheap, meretricious, pretentious, tawdry, tasteless, tacky, jazzy, glitzy
Flashy Adjective Synonyms: superficial, cosmetic, skin-deep, surface, shallow, glib, slick, facile, insubstantial, thin

Other Words for Flat

Flat Noun Synonyms: absolutely, completely, categorically, utterly, wholly, uncompromisingly, irrevocably, positively, definitely, directly, exactly, precisely, flatly
Flat Adjective Synonyms: level, horizontal, even, smooth, plane, unbroken, uninterrupted
Flat Adverb Synonyms: room(s), flat, suite (of rooms), chambers, tenement, garden flat, maisonette, penthouse, studio, bedsitter, bedsit, accommodation, living quarters, digs , apartment, furnished room, walk-up, duplex, triplex

Other Words for Flat Out

Flat Out Noun Synonyms: at maximum or top or full or breakneck speed, speedily, quickly, apace, on the run, rapidly, swiftly, at full speed or gallop, post-haste, hell for leather, like a bat out of hell, like a shot, like (greased) lightning, like the wind

Other Words for Flats

Flats Adjective Synonyms: low shoes, loafers, sandals, flatties

Other Words for Flatten

Flatten Adverb Synonyms: level or even (off or out), smooth (out), press or iron (out), roll
Flatten Verb Synonyms: raze, tear down, demolish, level
Flatten Noun Synonyms: knock down or over, knock out, floor, prostrate

Other Words for Flatter

Flatter Verb Synonyms: butter up, play up to, compliment, praise, fawn (on or upon), toady to, truckle to, court, curry favour with, flannel, soft-soap, oil, shine or suck up to, boot-lick, kiss (someone's) arse, brown-nose

Other Words for Flatterer

Flatterer Verb Synonyms: toady, sycophant, fawner, wheedler, time-server, courtier, backscratcher, sponge, parasite, leech, hanger-on, sweet-talker, backslapper, truckler, lickspittle, yes-man, bootlicker, brown-noser , arse-kisser, arse-licker, bum-sucker

Other Words for Flattering

Flattering Verb Synonyms: complimentary, becoming, kind, enhancing
Flattering Noun Synonyms: adulatory, laudatory, gratifying, fulsome, honeyed, sugary, fawning, ingratiating, unctuous, slimy, smarmy

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