Other Words for Flattery

Flattery Adjective Synonyms: adulation, cajolery, blandishment, sweet talk, beguilement, wheedling, gloze, soft soap, boot-licking, brown-nosing, arse-kissing, arse-licking, bum-sucking, ass-kissing, ass-licking

Other Words for Flaunt

Flaunt Adjective Synonyms: display, show (off), parade, flourish, exhibit, sport, disport, spotlight

Other Words for Flavor

Flavor Verb Synonyms: character, spirit, nature, quality, property, mark, stamp, essence, characteristic, style, taste, feel, feeling, ambience or ambiance, sense, tinge, aroma, air, atmosphere, hint, suggestion, touch
Flavor Noun Synonyms: taste, savor, tang, piquancy, zest, tastiness, savouriness, essence, extract, seasoning, flavouring, seasoning, spice, aroma, odor, scent, sapor

Other Words for Flaw

Flaw Noun Synonyms: fault, defect, imperfection, error, mistake, blemish, blot, stain, taint, (black) mark, damage, disfigurement, failing, weakness, weak spot, loophole
Flaw Verb Synonyms: crack, break, breach, chink, chip, fracture, rupture, fissure, cleft, split, slit, cut, gash, rent, rift, tear, rip, puncture, hole, perforation

Other Words for Flawed

Flawed Verb Synonyms: damaged, harmed, marred, weakened, tainted, stained, tarnished, defective, imperfect, unsound, faulty

Other Words for Flawless

Flawless Adjective Synonyms: undeniable, unassailable, unimpeachable, unquestionable, irrefutable, foolproof, sound, demonstrable
Flawless Verb Synonyms: perfect, pristine, pure, uncorrupted, chaste, virgin, intact, whole, clean, immaculate, unsullied, unspoilt, unsoiled, impeccable, unblemished, faultless, undamaged, unimpaired, spotless, untarnished

Other Words for Flecked

Flecked Adjective Synonyms: spotted, dappled, pied, (be)speckled, (be)sprinkled, dotted, marked, stippled, dusted, specked, spattered, freckled

Other Words for Flee

Flee Adjective Synonyms: quit, run away or off, escape, get away, fly, take flight, bolt, go (away), decamp, abscond, seek safety, avoid, make off, make an exit, make (good) one's escape, make a (clean) getaway, beat a (hasty) retreat, take to one's heels

Other Words for Fleece

Fleece Verb Synonyms: cheat, overcharge, swindle, bilk, defraud, victimize, plunder, strip, milk, rob, take, flimflam, gyp, diddle, bleed, take for a ride or to the cleaners, rip off, chisel, pluck, rook, clip, soak

Other Words for Fleet

Fleet Verb Synonyms: armada, flotilla, navy, naval (task) force, task force, squadron, convoy, division

Other Words for Fleeting

Fleeting Noun Synonyms: transitory, fugitive, transient, temporary, passing, ephemeral, fugacious, evanescent, momentary, short-lived, fly-by-night, short, brief

Other Words for Flesh

Flesh Adjective Synonyms: meat, tissue, muscle

Other Words for Flesh And Blood

Flesh And Blood Noun Synonyms: real, physical, corporeal, human, natural

Other Words for Flesh Out

Flesh Out Noun Synonyms: substantiate, fill (in or out), give or lend substance or dimension to, incorporate, embody, color

Other Words for Flex

Flex Verb Synonyms: bend, give, stretch, curve
Flex Noun Synonyms: wire, lead, cord, cable, extension

Other Words for Flexibility

Flexibility Verb Synonyms: pliability, pliancy or pliantness, elasticity, resilience or resiliency, suppleness, flexibleness, bendability, limberness, stretch, give, spring, springiness, ductility

Other Words for Flexible

Flexible Noun Synonyms: pliable, pliant, elastic, resilient, supple, bendable, limber, lithe, stretchy, stretchable, springy, extensible or extensile, ductile, flexile, tensile, yielding, willowy
Flexible Adjective Synonyms: easy, facile, submissive, complaisant, docile

Other Words for Flicker

Flicker Adjective Synonyms: twinkle, blink, waver, glimmer, glint, sparkle, shimmer, flare, gutter
Flicker Verb Synonyms: glimmer, glint, glimmering, sparkle, spark, twinkle, twinkling, gleam, flare, glare

Other Words for Flies

Flies Verb Synonyms: flap, fly front, zip, zipper

Other Words for Flight

Flight Noun Synonyms: flying, soaring, winging, excursion

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