Other Words for Flighty

Flighty Noun Synonyms: fickle, frivolous, inconstant, capricious, fanciful, changeable, variable, mercurial, skittish, volatile, unstable, unsteady, giddy, wild

Other Words for Flimsy

Flimsy Adjective Synonyms: slight, frail, weak, insubstantial or unsubstantial, feeble, makeshift, fragile, frangible, breakable, rickety, ramshackle, dilapidated, jerry-built, gimcrack, slight, delicate

Other Words for Flinch

Flinch Adjective Synonyms: wince, draw back, withdraw, cower, cringe, recoil, start, quail, blench, shrink, shy (away), dodge, duck

Other Words for Fling

Fling Adjective Synonyms: toss, pitch, throw, cast, hurl, heave, sling, propel, fire, let fly, send, lob, chuck
Fling Verb Synonyms: indulgence, debauch, binge, spree, party, blow-off

Other Words for Flip

Flip Noun Synonyms: toss, flick, snap, flop, turn, twist, spin

Other Words for Flippancy

Flippancy Verb Synonyms: frivolousness, facetiousness, levity, light-heartedness, frivolity, jocularity, offhandedness, unseriousness

Other Words for Flippant

Flippant Noun Synonyms: frivolous, facetious, light-hearted, jocular, offhand(ed), unserious, shallow, thoughtless, superficial, supercilious, belittling, scornful, dismissive

Other Words for Flirt

Flirt Verb Synonyms: coquette, tease, vamp, hussy, playgirl, minx, philanderer, playboy, lady-killer, wolf, sheik, masher, lounge lizard, cock-teaser, prick-teaser
Flirt Adjective Synonyms: coquette, play or act the coquette, tease, tantalize, toy, lead on, dally, philander, chat up, come on to

Other Words for Flirt With

Flirt With Adjective Synonyms: trifle or toy or play or tinker with, contemplate, consider, entertain, give a thought to, think about or of, try on

Other Words for Flirtatious

Flirtatious Verb Synonyms: coquettish, vampish, seductive, flirty, coy, philandering, provocative, enticing, alluring, amorous, come-hither

Other Words for Flit

Flit Noun Synonyms: move, go, fly, flee, dart, skip, skim, flick, hop, whisk, flutter, flash

Other Words for Float

Float Verb Synonyms: launch, establish, set up, organize, found, initiate, get going or moving
Float Adjective Synonyms: hover, poise, bob, waft, be suspended, hang, sail, drift, glide, swim
Float Noun Synonyms: (parade) exhibit or display

Other Words for Flock

Flock Noun Synonyms: body, company, group, band, pack, bunch, troop, set, collection, assembly, convoy, gathering, congregation, crowd, mass, mob, throng, gang, multitude, number, quantity, host, horde, swarm, drove, herd, flight, troupe, fleet, school, bevy

Other Words for Flog

Flog Verb Synonyms: sell, promote, publicize
Flog Noun Synonyms: whip, lash, horsewhip, strap, flagellate, flay, scourge, thrash, thresh, beat, chastise, castigate, punish

Other Words for Flood

Flood Noun Synonyms: abundance, deluge, overflowing, surge, outpouring, torrent, tide, tidal wave, stream, rush, flow, glut, surfeit, satiety, profusion, over-abundance, superabundance, nimiety, plethora, excess, surplus, superfluity
Flood Verb Synonyms: inundation, deluge, overflow(ing), d‚bƒcle

Other Words for Floor

Floor Verb Synonyms: flooring, parquet, boarding, planking, colloq deck
Floor Noun Synonyms: knock over or down, bowl over, prostrate, fell, overthrow, bring down, (make) fall, beat, defeat, conquer, destroy, rout, overwhelm, crush, whip, trounce, thrash, drub, best, worst

Other Words for Flop

Flop Verb Synonyms: collapse, drop (down), fall (down), tumble, topple, plump down, plop down, flounce down

Other Words for Flounce

Flounce Verb Synonyms: frill, furbelow, peplum, ruffle, ornament, valance, trimming
Flounce Noun Synonyms: fling, toss, bounce, twist, strut, toss, parade, march, storm, stamp, sashay

Other Words for Flounder

Flounder Noun Synonyms: grope, blunder, stumble, tumble, struggle, stagger, plunge about

Other Words for Flourish

Flourish Verb Synonyms: prosper, thrive, grow, develop, luxuriate, bloom, blossom, flower, bear fruit, fructify, boom, burgeon or bourgeon, mature, ripen, increase, succeed, get ahead, do or fare well, make good, go up or rise in the world

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