Other Words for Flighty

Flighty Noun Synonyms: fickle, frivolous, inconstant, capricious, fanciful, changeable, variable, mercurial, skittish, volatile, unstable, unsteady, giddy, wild

Other Words for Flimsy

Flimsy Adjective Synonyms: slight, frail, weak, insubstantial or unsubstantial, feeble, makeshift, fragile, frangible, breakable, rickety, ramshackle, dilapidated, jerry-built, gimcrack, slight, delicate

Other Words for Flinch

Flinch Adjective Synonyms: wince, draw back, withdraw, cower, cringe, recoil, start, quail, blench, shrink, shy (away), dodge, duck

Other Words for Fling

Fling Adjective Synonyms: toss, pitch, throw, cast, hurl, heave, sling, propel, fire, let fly, send, lob, chuck
Fling Verb Synonyms: indulgence, debauch, binge, spree, party, blow-off

Other Words for Flip

Flip Noun Synonyms: toss, flick, snap, flop, turn, twist, spin

Other Words for Flippancy

Flippancy Verb Synonyms: frivolousness, facetiousness, levity, light-heartedness, frivolity, jocularity, offhandedness, unseriousness

Other Words for Flippant

Flippant Noun Synonyms: frivolous, facetious, light-hearted, jocular, offhand(ed), unserious, shallow, thoughtless, superficial, supercilious, belittling, scornful, dismissive

Other Words for Flirt

Flirt Adjective Synonyms: coquette, play or act the coquette, tease, tantalize, toy, lead on, dally, philander, chat up, come on to
Flirt Verb Synonyms: coquette, tease, vamp, hussy, playgirl, minx, philanderer, playboy, lady-killer, wolf, sheik, masher, lounge lizard, cock-teaser, prick-teaser

Other Words for Flirt With

Flirt With Adjective Synonyms: trifle or toy or play or tinker with, contemplate, consider, entertain, give a thought to, think about or of, try on

Other Words for Flirtatious

Flirtatious Verb Synonyms: coquettish, vampish, seductive, flirty, coy, philandering, provocative, enticing, alluring, amorous, come-hither

Other Words for Flit

Flit Noun Synonyms: move, go, fly, flee, dart, skip, skim, flick, hop, whisk, flutter, flash

Other Words for Float

Float Adjective Synonyms: hover, poise, bob, waft, be suspended, hang, sail, drift, glide, swim
Float Noun Synonyms: (parade) exhibit or display
Float Verb Synonyms: launch, establish, set up, organize, found, initiate, get going or moving

Other Words for Flock

Flock Noun Synonyms: body, company, group, band, pack, bunch, troop, set, collection, assembly, convoy, gathering, congregation, crowd, mass, mob, throng, gang, multitude, number, quantity, host, horde, swarm, drove, herd, flight, troupe, fleet, school, bevy

Other Words for Flog

Flog Noun Synonyms: whip, lash, horsewhip, strap, flagellate, flay, scourge, thrash, thresh, beat, chastise, castigate, punish
Flog Verb Synonyms: sell, promote, publicize

Other Words for Flood

Flood Verb Synonyms: inundation, deluge, overflow(ing), d‚bƒcle
Flood Noun Synonyms: abundance, deluge, overflowing, surge, outpouring, torrent, tide, tidal wave, stream, rush, flow, glut, surfeit, satiety, profusion, over-abundance, superabundance, nimiety, plethora, excess, surplus, superfluity

Other Words for Floor

Floor Noun Synonyms: knock over or down, bowl over, prostrate, fell, overthrow, bring down, (make) fall, beat, defeat, conquer, destroy, rout, overwhelm, crush, whip, trounce, thrash, drub, best, worst
Floor Verb Synonyms: flooring, parquet, boarding, planking, colloq deck

Other Words for Flop

Flop Verb Synonyms: collapse, drop (down), fall (down), tumble, topple, plump down, plop down, flounce down

Other Words for Flounce

Flounce Noun Synonyms: fling, toss, bounce, twist, strut, toss, parade, march, storm, stamp, sashay
Flounce Verb Synonyms: frill, furbelow, peplum, ruffle, ornament, valance, trimming

Other Words for Flounder

Flounder Noun Synonyms: grope, blunder, stumble, tumble, struggle, stagger, plunge about

Other Words for Flourish

Flourish Verb Synonyms: prosper, thrive, grow, develop, luxuriate, bloom, blossom, flower, bear fruit, fructify, boom, burgeon or bourgeon, mature, ripen, increase, succeed, get ahead, do or fare well, make good, go up or rise in the world

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