Other Words for Flutter

Flutter Verb Synonyms: flap, flop, fluctuate, vacillate, wave, waver, oscillate
Flutter Noun Synonyms: flit, flicker, flitter, hover, dance, fuss

Other Words for Flux

Flux Verb Synonyms: instability, change, mutation, modification, fluctuation, unrest, swing, swinging, wavering, movement, motion, oscillation, indecision, indecisiveness

Other Words for Fly

Fly Verb Synonyms: hasten, hurry, rush, run, race, dash, sprint, tear, scamper, scoot, make tracks
Fly Noun Synonyms: take wing, take flight, take to the air, wing, soar, sail, hover, flutter, flit, flap

Other Words for Fly Away

Fly Away Noun Synonyms: take flight, depart, leave, flee, decamp, bolt, run away or off, escape, make (good) one's escape, take to one's heels, show a clean pair of heels, rush or nip off or out or away, (make a) run (for it), go or get away or off, abscon

Other Words for Fly In The Face Of

Fly In The Face Of Verb Synonyms: flout, defy, go against, contemn, scorn, scoff at, oppose, go or run counter to, counter, counteract, countervail, countermine, contradict, contravene, thumb one's nose at, cock a snook at

Other Words for Fly In The Ointment

Fly In The Ointment Verb Synonyms: hitch, snag, impediment, obstacle, obstruction, problem, difficulty, drawback, detraction, rub, hindrance, bugbear, bogey, bugaboo

Other Words for Fly Off The Handle

Fly Off The Handle Verb Synonyms: fly into a rage or fury or temper or passion, lose one's temper, have a fit or tantrum, be fit to be tied, go berserk, go crazy or mad, explode, lose or blow one's cool, blow one's top, hit or go through the roof

Other Words for Fly-By-Night

Fly-By-Night Noun Synonyms: temporary, short-lived, transitory, fugitive, ephemeral, transient, fleeting, passing, brief, impermanent, here today, gone tomorrow

Other Words for Foam

Foam Adjective Synonyms: bubbles, froth, spume, lather, suds, effervescence, sparkle, carbonation, fizz

Other Words for Focal

Focal Noun Synonyms: central, focused, concentrated, convergent, centred, centralized

Other Words for Focus

Focus Noun Synonyms: concentrate, centre, converge, meet, pinpoint, spotlight, bring into focus, zero in
Focus Verb Synonyms: centre, concentration, focal point, heart, core, target, convergence, hub, nave, cynosure

Other Words for Fog

Fog Verb Synonyms: trance, daze, stupor, brown study, confused state, coma
Fog Noun Synonyms: mist, haze, smog, vapour, cloud, pea-souper

Other Words for Fog Up

Fog Up Verb Synonyms: mist over or up, cloud up or over, shroud

Other Words for Fogy

Fogy Verb Synonyms: conservative, relic, fuddy-duddy, fossil, antique, stick-in-the-mud, back number, square

Other Words for Foible

Foible Verb Synonyms: weakness, imperfection, weak point, fault, frailty, shortcoming, flaw, defect, failing, blemish, infirmity, peculiarity, idiosyncrasy, quirk, crotchet, eccentricity, preoccupation, kink, hang-up, bug

Other Words for Foil

Foil Noun Synonyms: thwart, offset, defeat, baffle, balk, parry, frustrate, counter, check, impede, hamper, outwit, circumvent, checkmate, daunt, disconcert, discomfit, disappoint, pull the rug out from under (someone), cut the ground from under someone's feet, nullify

Other Words for Foist

Foist Verb Synonyms: palm or pass off, impose, unload, put (off), push (off), lay (off), fob off

Other Words for Fold

Fold Verb Synonyms: enclose, envelop, enfold, wrap, enwrap, clasp, clip, embrace, hug, gather
Fold Noun Synonyms: bend, ply, double (over or up), overlap, crease, pleat, gather, crimp

Other Words for Folk

Folk Verb Synonyms: people, tribe, (ethnic) group, clan, race, society, nation, (general) public, populace, population, citizenry

Other Words for Follow

Follow Noun Synonyms: go or come after or next, go or walk or tread or move behind, bring up the rear, string or tag along
Follow Verb Synonyms: attend, accompany, escort, go (along) with, serve

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