Other Words for Factual

Factual Noun Synonyms: actual, real, true, authentic, verifiable, realistic, true to life, genuine, valid, bona fide

Other Words for Faculty

Faculty Adjective Synonyms: ability, capacity, skill, aptitude, potential, talent, flair, knack, gift, genius, dexterity, adroitness, cleverness, capability
Faculty Noun Synonyms: staff, personnel, members, dons

Other Words for Fad

Fad Noun Synonyms: craze, mania, rage, fashion, trend, fancy, vogue

Other Words for Fade

Fade Noun Synonyms: (grow) dim or pale, grow faint, cloud (over), dull, bleach, whiten, etiolate, wash out, blanch or blench, discolour

Other Words for Fag

Fag Verb Synonyms: bore, nuisance, drag, chore, pain
Fag Noun Synonyms: cigarette, smoke, butt, cig(gy), weed, coffin-nail, cancer stick, gasper

Other Words for Fag Out

Fag Out Noun Synonyms: exhaust, weary, tire (out), fatigue, wear out, jade, knacker, poop

Other Words for Fail

Fail Noun Synonyms: not succeed, be unsuccessful, miss, miscarry, misfire, fall short (of), fall flat, fall through, falter, be (found) lacking or wanting, be defective, be deficient, be or prove inadequate, come to grief or naught or nothing, go wrong, abort
Fail Verb Synonyms: decline, peter out, dwindle, diminish, wane, deteriorate, weaken, decay, fade or die (out or away), disappear, flag, ebb, sink, languish, give out, gutter, go out

Other Words for Failing

Failing Verb Synonyms: weakness, shortcoming, foible, flaw, fault, defect, weak spot, blind spot, blemish, imperfection

Other Words for Failure

Failure Noun Synonyms: failing, default, non-performance, remissness, neglect, omission, dereliction, deficiency
Failure Preposition Synonyms: breakdown, collapse, discontinuance, miscarriage, loss, decline, decay, deterioration

Other Words for Faint

Faint Noun Synonyms: dim, dull, pale, faded, indistinct, vague, hazy, imperceptible, indiscernible, unclear, blurred, blurry, muzzy, wavering, faltering, ill-defined, weak, feeble, flickering, subdued, low, soft, slight, hushed, muffled, muted, inaudible, stifled
Faint Adjective Synonyms: black out, pass out, lose consciousness, swoon, drop, collapse, keel over

Other Words for Faint-Hearted

Faint-Hearted Verb Synonyms: cowardly, timorous, afraid, frightened, scared, faint, lily-livered, white-livered, pusillanimous, timid, shy, diffident, yellow(-bellied), chicken-hearted, chicken-livered, chicken
Faint-Hearted Noun Synonyms: irresolute, weak, ineffectual, feeble, puny, feckless

Other Words for Fair

Fair Adjective Synonyms: impartial, even-handed, disinterested, equitable, just, unprejudiced, unbiased, objective, square

Other Words for Fairly

Fairly Adverb Synonyms: absolutely, totally, utterly, completely, positively, really, actually, veritably, virtually
Fairly Adjective Synonyms: quite, rather, pretty, somewhat, tolerably, adequately, sufficiently, passably, moderately, sort of, kind of
Fairly Noun Synonyms: equitably, impartially, justly, properly, honestly, objectively

Other Words for Fairyland

Fairyland Adverb Synonyms: dreamland, wonderland, never-never land, happy valley, paradise, cloud-land, enchanted forest, cloud-cuckoo-land, Nephelococcygia, Shangri-La

Other Words for Faith

Faith Noun Synonyms: belief, religion, creed, persuasion, dogma, teaching, doctrine, denomination, sect
Faith Adverb Synonyms: belief, credence, confidence, conviction, trust, certainty, certitude, assurance, assuredness, sureness, reliance, dependence

Other Words for Faithful

Faithful Adjective Synonyms: conscientious, dutiful, scrupulous, careful, meticulous, thorough, punctilious, finicky or finical, detailed, fastidious, rigorous, rigid, severe, particular
Faithful Noun Synonyms: true, loyal, devoted, steadfast, dedicated, attached, unswerving, firm, staunch, unwavering, constant

Other Words for Faithless

Faithless Adjective Synonyms: sceptical, doubting, unbelieving, disbelieving, agnostic, atheistic, freethinking

Other Words for Fake

Fake Verb Synonyms: hoax, counterfeit, sham, forgery, imitation, phony
Fake Adjective Synonyms: falsify, doctor, alter, modify, counterfeit, fabricate, manufacture, forge
Fake Noun Synonyms: false, counterfeit, forged, sham, fraudulent, imitation, pinchbeck, bogus, spurious, factitious, phony

Other Words for Fall

Fall Noun Synonyms: descend, sink, subside, settle, drop or come (down), plummet, plunge, dive, (take a) nosedive, cascade
Fall Adjective Synonyms: tumble, trip, stumble, slump, collapse, keel over, topple, crumple
Fall Verb Synonyms: diminish, (become) lower, sink, decline, fall or drop off, drop, decrease, dwindle, subside, come or go down

Other Words for Fall Apart

Fall Apart Verb Synonyms: disintegrate, crumble, collapse, fall or come or go to pieces, break up, be destroyed, break apart, fragment, shatter

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