Other Words for Footsteps

Footsteps Noun Synonyms: footprint(s), track, trail, trace, spoor, footmark(s), tradition, example, way of life

Other Words for For

For Noun Synonyms: representing, championing, in favour of, on or and also in behalf of, on the side of, in support of, in the service of, as a service to, for the benefit of, pro
For Preposition Synonyms: instead of, in place of, representing, as a replacement for, on or and in behalf of, in return or exchange for, in compensation or recompense or payment or repayment for, in requital for

Other Words for For A Song

For A Song Adverb Synonyms: cheaply, inexpensively, at a bargain price

Other Words for For All The World

For All The World Noun Plural Synonyms: precisely, exactly, in all respects, in every respect, in every way, just

Other Words for For Certain

For Certain Noun Synonyms: assuredly, definitely, certainly, surely, positively, undoubtedly, indubitably, without (a) doubt, undeniably, unquestionably, absolutely, for sure

Other Words for For Ever

For Ever Noun Synonyms: constantly, continually, continuously, all the time, unceasingly, incessantly, without cease or surcease, endlessly, consistently, persistently, interminably, perpetually
For Ever Verb Synonyms: forever, always, for good, ever, (for) evermore, forevermore, eternally, everlastingly, for ever and a day, undyingly, for eternity, till doomsday, till the end of time, till the cows come home, till hell freezes over

Other Words for For Example

For Example Noun Synonyms: for instance, as a case in point, as an illustration or example, by way of illustration, to illustrate, e.g. or eg, exempli gratia

Other Words for For Fun

For Fun Verb Synonyms: jokingly, teasingly, in jest, facetiously, with tongue in cheek, playfully, as a lark, for a joke or gag, not seriously

Other Words for For Good Measure

For Good Measure Noun Synonyms: to boot, in addition, additionally, as a dividend, into the bargain, besides, as or for a bonus, moreover, furthermore

Other Words for For Instance

For Instance Noun Synonyms: for example, as an example, say, e.g., in the event, as it happens or happened

Other Words for For Sale

For Sale Noun Synonyms: on the market, available, in stock, on sale, on offer, on the block

Other Words for Forbid

Forbid Preposition Synonyms: prohibit, ban, hinder, stop, exclude, debar, preclude, prevent, outlaw, interdict, disallow, proscribe,, veto

Other Words for Forbidding

Forbidding Verb Synonyms: hostile, unfriendly, stern, harsh, menacing, threatening, ominous, dangerous, bad, nasty, ugly, unpleasant
Forbidding Conjunction Synonyms: repellent, repulsive, offensive, odious, abhorrent

Other Words for Force

Force Noun Synonyms: troops, soldiers, army
Force Adjective Synonyms: power, might, energy, strength, potency, vigor, intensity, violence, impact, dynamism, pressure
Force Verb Synonyms: exact, extort, extract, wrest, wring, drag

Other Words for Forced

Forced Verb Synonyms: artificial, unnatural, contrived, stilted, calculated, studied, laboured, strained, stiff, false, feigned, fake(d), mannered, affected, self-conscious, phony

Other Words for Forceful

Forceful Adjective Synonyms: effective, efficacious, cogent, logical, impressive, telling, convincing, persuasive, strong, mighty, forcible, powerful, compelling, irresistible, pithy, meaty
Forceful Verb Synonyms: vigorous, energetic, compelling, dynamic, intense, potent, strong, mighty, powerful, aggressive, weighty, effective, convincing, persuasive

Other Words for Foreboding

Foreboding Adjective Synonyms: apprehension, apprehensiveness, feeling, sense, misgiving, dread, suspicion, intuition, anxiety, fear

Other Words for Forecast

Forecast Noun Synonyms: predict, foretell, prophesy, prognosticate, foresee, augur, presage, vaticinate, anticipate, forewarn, calculate

Other Words for Foregoing

Foregoing Verb Synonyms: preceding, above, former, previous, precedent, prior, antecedent, earlier, preliminary, anterior, aforementioned, aforesaid

Other Words for Foregone Conclusion

Foregone Conclusion Noun Synonyms: assumed, established, pre-established, predetermined, fixed, inevitable, set, accepted, cut and dried

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