Other Words for Foreign

Foreign Adjective Synonyms: alien, imported, non-native, overseas, distant, tramontane, transalpine, transatlantic, transpacific

Other Words for Foreigner

Foreigner Adjective Synonyms: alien, non-native, immigrant, newcomer, new arrival, outsider, outlander, stranger

Other Words for Foreman

Foreman Adjective Synonyms: superintendent, manager, boss, supervisor, overseer, shopwalker, floor-walker, super, gaffer, straw boss

Other Words for Foremost

Foremost Noun Synonyms: first, primary, prime, leading, pre-eminent, supreme, prominent, notable, noteworthy, noted, chief, paramount, main, best, superior

Other Words for Forerunner

Forerunner Adverb Synonyms: omen, portent, foretoken, premonition, sign, augury, token
Forerunner Adjective Synonyms: predecessor, precursor, foregoer, herald, harbinger, envoy, forebear, ancestor, forefather, progenitor

Other Words for Foresee

Foresee Noun Synonyms: presage, foretell, envisage, picture, forecast, predict, prophesy, augur, envision

Other Words for Foreshadow

Foreshadow Noun Synonyms: presage, foretoken, portend, augur, indicate, prophesy, predict, bode, signal, signify, betoken

Other Words for Foresight

Foresight Verb Synonyms: providence, prudence, care, far-sightedness, watchfulness, caution, precaution, long-sightedness, perspicacity, wisdom, sagacity, insight, circumspection

Other Words for Forestall

Forestall Noun Synonyms: anticipate, prevent, obstruct, hinder, obviate, thwart, preclude, frustrate, avert, ward or stave or fend off, intercept, parry, stop, delay

Other Words for Forethought

Forethought Noun Synonyms: premeditation, planning, plotting, far-sightedness, long-sightedness

Other Words for Foreword

Foreword Adverb Synonyms: preface, prologue, prelude, prolegomenon, preamble, proem, introduction

Other Words for Forfeit

Forfeit Noun Synonyms: lose, yield (up), give up or over, relinquish, surrender, be stripped or deprived of, forgo, renounce, waive
Forfeit Adverb Synonyms: penalty, fine, fee, charge, damages, forfeiture, sequestration, amercement, mulct

Other Words for Forge

Forge Adjective Synonyms: create, invent, conceive (of), coin, devise, think up, frame
Forge Verb Synonyms: make, construct, fashion, fabricate, manufacture, shape, mould, cast, hammer out

Other Words for Forgery

Forgery Verb Synonyms: counterfeiting, falsification, fraud, fraudulence

Other Words for Forget

Forget Noun Synonyms: fail or cease to remember or recall or think of, lose, draw a blank
Forget Verb Synonyms: ignore, dismiss from (one's) mind or thoughts, disregard, overlook, consign to oblivion

Other Words for Forgetful

Forgetful Verb Synonyms: amnesiac, absent-minded, distracted, abstracted, inattentive, preoccupied, neglectful, negligent, careless, lax, dreamy, dreaming, in dreamland, in the clouds, in cloud-cuckoo-land or cloud-land or Nephelococcygia, remote, distrait(e)

Other Words for Forgive

Forgive Adjective Synonyms: cancel, waive, abolish, void, nullify, erase, delete, let off (the hook)
Forgive Verb Synonyms: pardon, excuse, allow, make allowance(s) for, indulge, condone, vindicate, overlook, ignore, disregard, pay no attention to, pass over, slough over

Other Words for Forgiveness

Forgiveness Verb Synonyms: pardon, reprieve, absolution, remission, acquittal, acquittance, amnesty, allowance, vindication, exculpation, exoneration, shrift

Other Words for Forgiving

Forgiving Noun Synonyms: tolerant, lenient, sparing, forbearing, merciful, compassionate, conciliatory, magnanimous, humane, soft-hearted, clement

Other Words for Forgo

Forgo Adjective Synonyms: resign, give up, yield, surrender, relinquish, cede, waive, renounce, forswear, abdicate, abandon
Forgo Noun Synonyms: give up, renounce, forswear, forsake, abandon, do or go without, sacrifice, eliminate, omit, leave out or alone, cede, waive, avoid, shun, eschew, abstain from, turn down, pass up, deny (oneself)

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