Other Words for Forlorn

Forlorn Verb Synonyms: miserable, wretched, desolate, woebegone, lost, pitiable, pitiful, pathetic, woeful, cheerless, joyless, unhappy, depressed, sad, desolate, disconsolate, gloomy, lugubrious, glum, despondent, dismal, dejected, dispirited, low-spirited, comfortless, down

Other Words for Form

Form Noun Synonyms: blank, model, format, frame, framework, course, procedure, order, regimen, method, system, ritual, formula, rule(s), practice, technique, way, means, approach, mode, fashion, manner, style
Form Verb Synonyms: acquire, develop, cultivate, contract, get
Form Adjective Synonyms: shape, configuration, conformation, order, organization, arrangement, formation, construction, structure, construct, frame, cut, cast, mould, pattern, appearance, manifestation

Other Words for Formal

Formal Adjective Synonyms: prim, ceremonious, dignified, stuffy, strait-laced, stiff, precise, exact
Formal Verb Synonyms: standard, conventional, customary, established, prescribed, regular, normal, correct, proper, strict, formulaic, inflexible, punctilious, exacting, unchanging, methodical, orderly, systematic, set, pro forma, ritual, ritualistic, ceremonial, proper

Other Words for Formalities

Formalities Adjective Synonyms: form, convention, conventionality, practice, procedure, custom, wont, observance, protocol, ceremony, rite, ritual

Other Words for Formality

Formality Noun Synonyms: etiquette, politesse, decorum, punctilio, conformity, propriety
Formality Adjective Synonyms: strictness, punctilio, exactness, precision, correctness, rigidity, stiffness, inflexibility

Other Words for Format

Format Noun Synonyms: appearance, look(s), aspect, layout, plan, design, style, form, dimension(s), shape, size

Other Words for Formation

Formation Noun Synonyms: development, appearance, materialization, shape, accumulation, generation, creation, crystallization, forming, genesis, production

Other Words for Former

Former Noun Synonyms: previous, earlier, prior, ex-, one-time, preceding, erstwhile, late, latest, last, recent, ci-devant, quondam, whilom

Other Words for Formerly

Formerly Adjective Synonyms: once, before, previously, hitherto, long ago, at one time, in the old days, once upon a time, in days gone by, in days or time past, time was, back then, when the world was young(er), way back, way back when

Other Words for Formidable

Formidable Adjective Synonyms: alarming, appalling, dreadful, frightful, awesome, awe-inspiring, menacing, horrifying, frightening, intimidating, daunting, petrifying, terrifying
Formidable Adverb Synonyms: terrific, fantastic, unbelievable, incredible, impressive, prodigious, mind-boggling, awesome, mind-blowing, freaky

Other Words for Formula

Formula Adjective Synonyms: recipe, rubric, formulary, rule(s), prescription, directions, instructions, blueprint, method, technique, means, way, pattern, procedure, modus operandi, MO

Other Words for Formulate

Formulate Adjective Synonyms: systematize, codify, define, specify, articulate, particularize, denote
Formulate Verb Synonyms: develop, forge, evolve, work out, design, map out, block out, draw up
Formulate Noun Synonyms: devise, originate, create, think up or of, dream up, conceive, concoct, invent, improvise, cook up

Other Words for Forsake

Forsake Verb Synonyms: abandon, desert, quit, leave, flee, depart, vacate

Other Words for Forte

Forte Verb Synonyms: talent, strong point, gift, speciality, strength, aptitude, genius, long suit

Other Words for Forthcoming

Forthcoming Verb Synonyms: approaching, nearing, impending, imminent, coming, (close) at hand, upcoming, near or close (by), (near or close) at hand, in the offing, on the horizon, on the cards, in the cards
Forthcoming Adjective Synonyms: outgoing, friendly, amiable, affable, sociable, accessible, expansive, chatty, talkative, communicative, informative, open, free, revealing, unreserved
Forthcoming Noun Synonyms: awaited, expected, anticipated, looked-for, watched for, prospective, foreseen

Other Words for Forthright

Forthright Adjective Synonyms: straightforward, direct, blunt, candid, frank, above-board, unambiguous, unequivocal, open, outspoken, uninhibited, unreserved, unconstrained, unrestrained

Other Words for Fortify

Fortify Verb Synonyms: supplement, enhance, enrich, boost, augment
Fortify Adjective Synonyms: strengthen, reinforce, shore up, buttress, brace, bolster, secure

Other Words for Fortitude

Fortitude Verb Synonyms: strength, mettle, backbone, courage, nerve, resolution, resoluteness, perseverance, endurance, tenacity, pertinacity, grit, determination, will-power, guts

Other Words for Fortunate

Fortunate Noun Synonyms: favoured, advantageous, propitious, auspicious, providential, favorable, opportune, timely, well-timed
Fortunate Verb Synonyms: lucky, in luck, fortuitous, blessed

Other Words for Fortune

Fortune Adjective Synonyms: position, worth, means, assets, holdings, wealth, property, estate, possessions, wealth, riches, affluence, opulence, treasure, money, prosperity

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