Other Words for Frill

Frill Adjective Synonyms: trimming, decoration, ornament, furbelow, flounce, ruffle

Other Words for Fringe

Fringe Noun Synonyms: trimming, edge, edging, border, frill, flounce, ruffle, purfle, purfling, ruff, ruche or rouche, ricrac or rickrack, ornament, decoration, furbelow

Other Words for Frisk

Frisk Noun Synonyms: caper, gambol, cavort, frolic, skip, trip, romp, curvet, leap, dance, prance, play, rollick
Frisk Verb Synonyms: search, inspect, examine, check (out), go over

Other Words for Frisky

Frisky Verb Synonyms: lively, frolicsome, rollicking, playful, active, animated, (high-)spirited, coltish

Other Words for Fritter Away

Fritter Away Verb Synonyms: squander, waste, idle away, misspend, dissipate

Other Words for Frivolous

Frivolous Verb Synonyms: scatterbrained, bird-brained, silly, feather-brained, irresponsible, flippant, casual, flighty, giddy, foolish, childish, puerile, airy, light, slight, airy-fairy, flip
Frivolous Adjective Synonyms: trifling, inconsequential, unimportant, trivial, nugatory, insignificant, minor, petty, paltry, niggling, peripheral, superficial, worthless, small-time, twopenny, two a penny, two-bit, penny-ante, nitty-gritty

Other Words for Frolic

Frolic Adjective Synonyms: merriment, merrymaking, gaiety, sport, fun (and games), high jinks, jollity, mirth, jollification, festivity, celebration, revelry, play, horseplay, skylarking, partying
Frolic Noun Synonyms: frisk, cavort, caper, skylark, gambol, rollick, romp, cut capers, curvet, play, skip, sport, have fun, party, make whoopee, horse around or about

Other Words for Frolicsome

Frolicsome Noun Synonyms: playful, merry, frisky, sportive, gay, lively, sprightly, animated, spirited, coltish

Other Words for From Pole To Pole

From Pole To Pole Noun Synonyms: everywhere, all over, far and wide, high and low, leaving no stone unturned, throughout the world or the length and breadth of the land, everyplace

Other Words for Front

Front Noun Synonyms: beginning, head, fore, vanguard, forefront, van
Front Verb Synonyms: face, facade, facing, fore-part, anterior, obverse
Front Adjective Synonyms: frontage, forefront

Other Words for Front For

Front For Adjective Synonyms: act for, represent, substitute for, replace

Other Words for Frontier

Frontier Verb Synonyms: front line, border, boundary, bound(s), marches, (far) reaches, limit(s), pale, extreme(s), bourn

Other Words for Froth

Froth Noun Synonyms: trivia, rubbish, nonsense, twaddle, babble, gibberish, drivel, hot air, gas, gab, piffle
Froth Verb Synonyms: foam, spume, suds, lather, bubbles, head

Other Words for Frown

Frown Verb Synonyms: scowl, glower, glare, knit one's brows, grimace, give a dirty look, lour or lower, lower

Other Words for Frown On

Frown On Verb Synonyms: disapprove (of), (look on or regard or view with) disfavor, discountenance, look down on or upon, look askance at, not take kindly to, not think much of, look disapprovingly upon, take a dim view of, be turned off by

Other Words for Frugal

Frugal Noun Synonyms: parsimonious, penurious, penny-pinching, cheese-paring, mean, miserly, stingy, niggardly, tight(-fisted), close(-fisted), hand to mouth
Frugal Verb Synonyms: thrifty, sparing, economic(al), careful, prudent, provident, saving, conservative, conservational, moderate
Frugal Adjective Synonyms: meager, paltry, poor, skimpy, scant(y), small, negligible, piddling

Other Words for Fruitful

Fruitful Noun Synonyms: effective, worthwhile, well-spent, profitable, successful,eful, rewarding, advantageous, beneficial, productive, fertile
Fruitful Adjective Synonyms: productive, fertile, prolific, fecund, fructiferous, frugiferous, fructuous

Other Words for Fruition

Fruition Adjective Synonyms: realization, fulfilment, consummation, achievement, success, materialization, maturity, ripeness, maturation, completion, perfection

Other Words for Fruitless

Fruitless Adjective Synonyms: barren, unfruitful, unproductive, worthless, bootless, futile, pointless,eless, vain, idle, unavailing, ineffectual, ineffective, unprofitable, for naught, to no avail, unsuccessful, unrewarding, abortive

Other Words for Fruits

Fruits Adjective Synonyms: product(s), result(s), revenue(s), outgrowth, outcome, consequence(s), return(s), advantage(s), benefit(s), profit(s), emolument, payment, income, compensation, recompense, desert(s)

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