Other Words for Funny

Funny Adjective Synonyms: peculiar, odd, unusual, curious, strange, mysterious, mystifying, puzzling, queer, weird, bizarre, remarkable, unconventional, eccentric, off-the-wall
Funny Noun Synonyms: comical, humorous, comic, ludicrous, laughable, ridiculous, risible, waggish, side-splitting, hilarious, uproarious, jocular, jocose, merry, droll, facetious, witty, farcical, slapstick, zany, amusing, entertaining, diverting, hysterical

Other Words for Furious

Furious Adjective Synonyms: angry, enraged, raging, infuriated, fuming, incensed, irate, maddened, mad, boiling, wrathful, provoked, beside oneself, up in arms, in high dudgeon, on the warpath, foaming at the mouth, wroth, steaming, livid, in a tizzy, up the wa

Other Words for Furnish

Furnish Adjective Synonyms: supply, provide, afford, equip, outfit, fit (out or up), rig (out or up), provision, give, stock up, kit out or up

Other Words for Furniture

Furniture Adverb Synonyms: furnishings, household (goods), movables, chattels, paraphernalia, effects, possessions, belongings, gear, things, stuff,
Furniture Adjective Synonyms: fittings, fitments, equipment, fixtures, apparatus, devices, tackle, tack, trappings, gear, accoutrements or also accouterments, accessories, appliances, clobber

Other Words for Furor

Furor Noun Synonyms: furor, uproar, outburst, tumult, commotion, turmoil, brouhaha, ado, hurly-burly, to-do, hubbub, stir, fuss, disturbance, excitement

Other Words for Furrow

Furrow Noun Synonyms: groove, channel, rut, trench, track, ditch, gutter, trough, fosse, fissure, sulcus, sulcation, flute, score, cut, gash, scratch, line, wrinkle, crease, corrugation, crow's-feet, sulcus

Other Words for Further

Further Verb Synonyms: more, additional, another, other, new, supplemental, supplementary, accessory, auxiliary, extra, spare, fresh
Further Adjective Synonyms: furthermore, besides, moreover, too, also, additionally, in addition, over and above, beyond, above, what is more, to boot, yet, then (again), again
Further Adverb Synonyms: advance, promote, favor, push or urge onward(s) or forward(s), forward, foster, back, patronize, support, help, assist, aid

Other Words for Furtherance

Furtherance Adverb Synonyms: promotion, advancement, pursuit, backing, boosting, boost, fostering, championing, championship, advocating, advocacy, patronage, support, help, aid, assistance, succour

Other Words for Furtive

Furtive Verb Synonyms: secret, private, secretive, clandestine, surreptitious, stealthy, underhand(ed), covert, hidden, conspiratorial, skulking, deceitful, under the table, under the counter, hugger-mugger, sneaky
Furtive Noun Synonyms: sly, foxy, cunning, crafty, wily, shifty, untrustworthy, sneaky

Other Words for Fury

Fury Adjective Synonyms: anger, rage, wrath, indignation, ire, choler, rancor

Other Words for Fuse

Fuse Noun Synonyms: blend, merge, unite, combine, compound, mix, commingle, coalesce, flow or come together, consolidate, amalgamate, melt

Other Words for Fuss

Fuss Noun Synonyms: bother, pother, dither, fluster, flurry, fret, commotion, ado, bustle, to-do, excitement, furore or furor, unrest, (deal of) trouble, disquiet, upset, stir, uproar, disturbance, stir, hubbub, agitation, brouhaha, hoo-ha, flap, stink, kerfuf
Fuss Verb Synonyms: make a fuss, rush about or around, flutter, kick up a fuss

Other Words for Fussy

Fussy Noun Synonyms: particular, finicky, finical, dainty, discriminating, difficult, fastidious, exacting, demanding, picky, choosy, nit-picking, pernickety or also persnickety
Fussy Verb Synonyms: fancy, elaborate, over-decorated, gingerbread, rococo, ornate, detailed, Byzantine

Other Words for Futile

Futile Adjective Synonyms: unsuccessful, unavailing,eless, unprofitable, vain, abortive, profitless, bootless, worthless, empty, sterile, barren, unproductive, impotent, ineffective, ineffectual, literary sleeveless

Other Words for Future

Future Adjective Synonyms: days or time to come, tomorrow

Other Words for Fuzzy

Fuzzy Adjective Synonyms: dim, faint, hazy, foggy, misty, blurred, blurry, indistinct, unclear, vague, shadowy, indefinite, obscure, ill-defined, woolly, distorted
Fuzzy Noun Synonyms: woolly, downy, linty, fleecy, furry, fluffy, frizzy, flossy, flocculent, floccose, floccus, feathery

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