Other Words for Familiar With

Familiar With Adjective Synonyms: aware or conscious or cognizant of, knowledgeable about or of or in, conversant or acquainted with, no stranger to, on speaking terms with, up on or in, (well-)versed in, informed of or about, privy to, in the know about

Other Words for Familiarity

Familiarity Noun Synonyms: boldness, presumptuousness, overfamiliarity, presumption, impudence, insolence, impertinence, impropriety
Familiarity Adjective Synonyms: knowledge, acquaintance(ship), grasp, understanding, comprehension, cognizance, awareness, conversance, experience

Other Words for Familiarize With

Familiarize With Noun Synonyms: accustom (to), make familiar or acquaint (with), initiate (in), inform (about or on), enlighten (about or as to), teach (about), educate or instruct or tutor (in)

Other Words for Family

Family Verb Synonyms: children, offspring, progeny, issue, brood, kids
Family Noun Synonyms: (kith and) kin, kinsmen, kindred, kinsfolk or and kinfolk, next of kin, relatives, relations, household, people, one's own flesh and blood, one's nearest and dearest, m‚nage, folks

Other Words for Famine

Famine Noun Synonyms: starvation, shortage, dearth, scarcity, deficiency, paucity, exiguity, barrenness, lack

Other Words for Famished

Famished Noun Synonyms: starving, starved, voracious, ravenous, ravening, craving, hungry

Other Words for Famous

Famous Noun Synonyms: renowned, celebrated, popular, famed, well-known, noted, eminent, pre-eminent, conspicuous, prominent, illustrious, notable, acclaimed, venerable, legendary, distinguished, praiseworthy, honoured, lionized

Other Words for Famously

Famously Adjective Synonyms: excellently, (very) well, superbly, marvelously, splendidly, capitally, spectacularly, superlatively

Other Words for Fan

Fan Adjective Synonyms: admirer, enthusiast, adherent, devotee, aficionado, follower, supporter, lover, zealot, buff, fiend, hound, bug, addict, nut, booster, junkie, freak, groupie

Other Words for Fanatic

Fanatic Adverb Synonyms: maniac, extremist, zealot, fiend, nut, freak

Other Words for Fanatical

Fanatical Noun Synonyms: fanatic, extreme, distracted, maniacal, mad, rabid, zealous, frenzied, feverish, burning, frantic, frenetic, obsessive, fervent, compulsive, monomaniacal, fervid, perfervid, passionate, enthusiastic, agog, immoderate, excessive

Other Words for Fanaticism

Fanaticism Adjective Synonyms: monomania, single-mindedness, mania, madness, extremism, intolerance, bigotry, bias, partiality, prejudice, narrow-mindedness, close-mindedness
Fanaticism Noun Synonyms: devotion, dedication, devotedness, infatuation, enthusiasm, fervor, zeal, obsessiveness, franticness, frenzy, hysteria

Other Words for Fancied

Fancied Noun Synonyms: imaginary, unreal, fanciful, imagined, illusory, make-believe, mythical, fairy-tale

Other Words for Fanciful

Fanciful Noun Synonyms: whimsical, capricious, impulsive, inconstant, fickle, changeable, variable
Fanciful Adjective Synonyms: extravagant, chimerical, fantastic, fabulous, mythical, fairy-tale, imaginative, fancied, make-believe, unreal, illusory, imagined, visionary, imaginary

Other Words for Fancy

Fancy Noun Synonyms: liking, inclination, fondness, taste, penchant, attraction, preference, partiality, predilection, yearning, craving, hankering, wish, desire, longing
Fancy Adjective Synonyms: ornate, decorative, decorated, ornamental, ornamented, elaborate, embellished, embroidered, fanciful, extravagant, rococo, baroque, gingerbread, Byzantine, complicated, intricate, complex

Other Words for Fanfare

Fanfare Verb Synonyms: flourish, fanfaron, fanfaronade, (trumpet-)blast or blare

Other Words for Fantasize

Fantasize Noun Synonyms: dream, imagine, day-dream, muse, mull (over), build castles in the air or in Spain, speculate, envisage, star-gaze, hallucinate, envision

Other Words for Fantastic

Fantastic Verb Synonyms: imaginary, illusory, illusive, unreal, visionary, fanciful, unrealistic, imagined, irrational
Fantastic Noun Synonyms: fanciful, strange, weird, peculiar, odd, eccentric, queer, bizarre, quaint, outlandish, exotic, extravagant, grotesque, nightmarish, alien, remarkable
Fantastic Adjective Synonyms: unbelievable, incredible, preposterous, extraordinary, implausible, absurd, unlikely

Other Words for Fantasy

Fantasy Noun Synonyms: make-believe, invention, cabrication, fiction, masquerade, fable, concoction, pretence
Fantasy Adjective Synonyms: imagination, fancy, creativity, inventiveness, creativity, originality

Other Words for Far

Far Adverb Synonyms: (more) remote or distant, far-away, far-off, extreme, further, farther, farthest
Far Noun Synonyms: afar, far-away or -off, a good or great or long way or distance off or away

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