Other Words for Fat

Fat Noun Synonyms: obese, stout, overweight, heavy, plump, rotund, corpulent, portly, well-fed, chubby, podgy or pudgy, roly-poly, tubby, bulky, fleshy, paunchy, pot-bellied, overfed, flabby, elephantine, broad in the beam, beamy, beefy
Fat Adjective Synonyms: oily, oleaginous, unctuous, greasy, fatty, pinguid, sebaceous, adipose

Other Words for Fatal

Fatal Noun Synonyms: fateful, deadly, murderous, lethal, mortal, toxic, terminal, final, baneful, poisonous

Other Words for Fatality

Fatality Adjective Synonyms: catastrophe, disaster, calamity, cataclysm

Other Words for Fate

Fate Noun Synonyms: fortune, lot, luck, chance, life, destiny, God's will, providence, doom, karma, kismet, toss or throw of the dice, the breaks, the way the cookie crumbles, the way the ball bounces

Other Words for Fated

Fated Noun Synonyms: destined, predestined, predetermined, decreed, doomed, fateful, ordained, foreordained, preordained, decided

Other Words for Fateful

Fateful Adjective Synonyms: significant, momentous, ominous, major, consequential, important, critical, crucial, decisive, weighty, portentous, earth-shaking, pivotal

Other Words for Father

Father Adjective Synonyms: sire, paterfamilias, dad, daddy, pa, papa, pop, old man, old boy, governor, pater
Father Noun Synonyms: creator, founder, originator, inventor, author, architect, framer, initiator

Other Words for Fatherland

Fatherland Verb Synonyms: motherland, native land, mother country, homeland, (old) country, birthplace

Other Words for Fatherly

Fatherly Verb Synonyms: paternal, kindly, kind, warm, friendly, affectionate, protective, amiable, benevolent, well-meaning, benign, caring, sympathetic, indulgent, understanding, parental

Other Words for Fathom

Fathom Noun Synonyms: probe, sound, plumb, penetrate, search (out), investigate, measure, gauge, determine, ascertain, work out, get to the bottom of, delve into, understand, grasp, divine

Other Words for Fatigue

Fatigue Verb Synonyms: weary, tire, weaken, exhaust, drain, enervate, fag (out)
Fatigue Adjective Synonyms: weariness, tiredness, weakness, exhaustion, lassitude, listlessness, lethargy, languor, sluggishness, enervation

Other Words for Fatigued

Fatigued Noun Synonyms: weary, wearied, tired, overtired, dead tired, weak, weakened, exhausted, listless, lethargic, languorous, sluggish, enervated, strained, wasted, whacked (out), knocked out, dead, beat, dead-beat, all in, knackered, jiggered, buggered

Other Words for Fatness

Fatness Verb Synonyms: obesity, stoutness, corpulence, embonpoint, portliness, plumpness, chubbiness, rotundity, podginess or pudginess

Other Words for Fault

Fault Adjective Synonyms: imperfection, flaw, defect, blemish, deficiency, shortcoming, failing, weakness, frailty, foible, peccadillo
Fault Noun Synonyms: mistake, error, blunder, lapse, failure, offence, oversight, slip(-up), indiscretion, gaffe, gaucherie, faux pas, boner, howler, goof, boo-boo, boob

Other Words for Fault-Finding

Fault-Finding Verb Synonyms: critical, censorious, carping, cavilling, captious, hypercritical, fussy, hair-splitting, pettifogging, niggling, contentious, querulous, quibbling, nit-picking, picky
Fault-Finding Noun Synonyms: criticism, censure, carping, cavilling, captiousness, hypercriticism, quibbling, fussiness, hair-splitting, pettifogging, nit-picking, pickiness

Other Words for Faultless

Faultless Noun Synonyms: perfect, flawless, immaculate, ideal, exemplary, correct, accurate, foolproof, irreproachable, unimpeachable, bang on, spot on

Other Words for Faulty

Faulty Adjective Synonyms: defective, unsound, imperfect, flawed, impaired, out of order, malfunctioning, broken, bad, damaged, on the blink, on the fritz

Other Words for Favor

Favor Adjective Synonyms: good will, approval, support, approbation
Favor Noun Synonyms: favouritism, partiality, prejudice, bias, preference, patronage

Other Words for Favorable

Favorable Verb Synonyms: advantageous, promising, auspicious, fair, beneficial, suitable, fitting, appropriate, encouraging, facilitative, helpful, helping, supportive, supporting, convenient,eful, opportune, propitious, accommodating, accommodative, facultative

Other Words for Favorably

Favorably Adjective Synonyms: graciously, indulgently, sympathetically, genially, positively, agreeably, enthusiastically, with favour

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