Other Words for Feel

Feel Verb Synonyms: touch, see, note, sense, perceive, experience, determine, handle, manipulate, finger
Feel Noun Synonyms: stroke, caress, pet, fondle

Other Words for Feel For

Feel For Verb Synonyms: sympathize or empathize with, commiserate with, bleed for, be sorry for, pity, have compassion for

Other Words for Feel Small

Feel Small Adjective Synonyms: feel embarrassed or ashamed or shamed or humiliated or foolish, feel discomfited or disconcerted or uncomfortable, feel mortified or chagrined, feel put down

Other Words for Feeler

Feeler Noun Synonyms: antenna, tentacle, palp, sensor

Other Words for Feeling

Feeling Noun Synonyms: (sense of) touch, sensitivity, sense, perception, sensation, sensibility

Other Words for Feelings

Feelings Noun Synonyms: emotions, sensitivity, sympathies, sensibilities, susceptibilities

Other Words for Feint

Feint Noun Synonyms: distraction, mock attack, bluff, dodge, maneuver, false move, pretence, ruse, ploy, subterfuge, deception, tactic, stratagem, gambit, artifice

Other Words for Fell

Fell Adjective Synonyms: cut or knock or strike down, floor, prostrate, level, hew (down), flatten, demolish, mow (down), kill

Other Words for Fell Like

Fell Like Verb Synonyms: incline or lean to or towards, prefer, fancy, want, desire, crave

Other Words for Fellow

Fellow Verb Synonyms: colleague, associate, comrade, companion, ally, peer, compeer
Fellow Noun Synonyms: man, boy, person, individual, gentleman, one, guy, chap, customer, kid, bloke, geezer, gink, gazabo

Other Words for Fellowship

Fellowship Noun Synonyms: companionship, camaraderie, comradeship, amity, brotherhood, fraternization, togetherness, association, friendship, amity, companionability, sociability, intimacy
Fellowship Adjective Synonyms: society, club, association, alliance, guild, league, union, sisterhood, sorority, brotherhood, fraternity, congregation, circle, community, order, organization, consortium, partnership, lodge, clan, company, coterie, set, clique, coalition, bloc, cartel

Other Words for Felon

Felon Noun Synonyms: criminal, outlaw, lawbreaker, offender, culprit, miscreant, malefactor, wrongdoer

Other Words for Feminine

Feminine Noun Synonyms: female, womanlike, womanly, ladylike, submissive, deferential, amenable, gentle, docile, tender, soft, delicate

Other Words for Fence

Fence Adjective Synonyms: barrier, enclosure, barricade, confine, wall, rampart, railing(s), palisade
Fence Noun Synonyms: enclose, encircle, surround, circumscribe, bound, coop, restrict, hedge, confine, fortify, protect, separate

Other Words for Fence The Fence

Fence The Fence Adjective Synonyms: undecided, indecisive, vacillating, uncommitted, uncertain, irresolute, impartial, neutral, non-partisan, unbiased, unprejudiced, unaligned, non-aligned, independent

Other Words for Fend For Yourself

Fend For Yourself Verb Synonyms: get or scrape along (on one's own), make out, get by, make do, shift for oneself, take care of or provide for or support oneself

Other Words for Fend Off

Fend Off Verb Synonyms: discourage, parry, keep or hold at bay, resist, repel, stave or ward or fight off, deflect, turn aside, avert, divert

Other Words for Ferment

Ferment Verb Synonyms: boil, effervesce, seethe, bubble, foam, froth, brew, rise, raise, work, leaven

Other Words for Ferocious

Ferocious Verb Synonyms: fierce, savage, cruel, vicious, feral, fell, brutal, bestial, merciless, ruthless, pitiless, inhuman, barbaric, barbarous, violent, destructive, murderous, bloodthirsty, sanguinary, predatory, fiendish, diabolical, devilish, hellish, monstrous

Other Words for Fertile

Fertile Verb Synonyms: fruitful, prolific, fecund, productive, bounteous, profuse, abundant, copious, fructuous, plenteous, generative, teeming, rich, luxuriant

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