Other Words for Face

Face Adjective Synonyms
visage, countenance, physiognomy, features, lineaments, mug, mush, kisser, pan, puss, phiz, phizog, dial, clock
I don't like the expression on your face.

look, appearance, aspect, expression, mien
He has the face of someone who is very proud of himself. Modern farming has changed the face of the countryside.

Face Noun Synonyms
right side, obverse, front, dial
The card landed face up. The face of the clock is enamelled.

mask, veneer, facade, front, camouflage, pretence, disguise, (false) impression, semblance, masquerade
She puts on a bold face, but we know she was deeply hurt by your remarks.

boldness, daring, audacity, effrontery, impudence, impertinence, presumption, brashness, gall, brass, nerve, cheek, guts, gutsiness, brass neck, balls
Who would have the face to name such a hotel 'The Palace'.

confront, brave, meet (with), encounter, experience, deal or cope with, come or go up against, appear before
In the jungle we faced grave danger from man-eating tigers. She faces her first audience tonight.

give (out) or front on or onto, front towards, overlook, look out on or over, be opposite
Our rooms face the lake. Facing page 22 is a map of the area.

dignity, image, self-respect, standing, reputation, repute, name, honor, status
You might lose face if you admit you were wrong.

Face Verb Synonyms
coat, surface, cover, clad, dress, sheathe, overlay, finish, veneer
The collar is faced with velvet.

More Words for Face

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