Other Words for Face Up To

Face Up To Verb Synonyms
admit, accept, acknowledge, allow, confess
We must all face up to our own shortcomings.

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Regulatory Accounting Procedures (RAP)

Business / Finance / Regulatory Accounting Procedures (RAP): Accounting principles required by the FHLB that allow S&Ls to elect annually to defer gains and losses on the sale of assets and amortize these deferrals over the average life of the asset sold. MORE

Regulatory Flexibility Act (RFA)

Business / Agriculture / Regulatory Flexibility Act (RFA): P.L. 96-354 (September 19,1964) requires federal agencies to consider the special needs and concerns of small business entities whenever they engage in rulemaking subject to notice and comment require MORE

Regulatory Pricing Risk

Business / Finance / Regulatory Pricing Risk: Risk that arises when insurance companies are subject to regulation of the premium rates that can they charge. MORE

Regulatory Region Or Sequence

Science / Genetics / Regulatory Region Or Sequence: A dna base sequence that controls gene expression. MORE


Science / Marine Biology / Regulator: An organism that can maintain constant some aspect of its physiology (e.g., body temperature) constant despite different and changing properties of the external environment MORE

Regression Toward The Mean

Business / Finance / Regression Toward The Mean: The tendency that a random variable will ultimately have a value closer to its mean value. MORE