Other Words for Float

Float Adjective Synonyms
hover, poise, bob, waft, be suspended, hang, sail, drift, glide, swim
In the clear Caribbean waters, the boat seemed to float in mid-air.

Float Noun Synonyms
(parade) exhibit or display
Our parade float won first prize.

Float Verb Synonyms
buoy, pontoon
The bridge is supported by floats.

negotiate, arrange, transact, bring or carry off, get, effect, consummate, pull off, swing
Were you able to float a loan on your house.

launch, establish, set up, organize, found, initiate, get going or moving
The financiers are trying to float a new company.

raft, platform
I can swim out to the float.

More Words for Float

Poise / Arrange / Effect / Buoy / Sail / Get / Transact / Swing

Net Float

Business / Finance / Net Float: Sum of disbursement float and collection float. MORE

Float Week

Life Style / Time Shares / Float Week: A floating week may be used any time during the calendar year based on a resort's availability. Typically, resorts will accept requests for specific weeks by the interval owner as soon as the annual m MORE

Managed Float

Business / Finance / Managed Float: Also known as 'dirty' float, this is a system of floating exchange rates with central bank intervention to reduce currency fluctuations. MORE

Floating-Rate Note (FRN)

Business / Finance / Floating-Rate Note (FRN): An guaranteed investment instrument whose interest payment is tied to some variable (floating) interest rate benchmark, such as a specific-maturity Treasury yield. MORE

Float Well

Science / Tides and Currents / Float Well: A stilling well in which the float of a float-actuated water level gauge operates. See stilling well. MORE


Business / Construction / Floating: The next-to-last stage in concrete work, when you smooth off the job and bring water to the surface by using a hand float or bull float. MORE