Other Words for Flow

Flow Adjective Synonyms
stream, pour, run, rush, course, surge, move, go, proceed, progress, drift, gush, glide, purl, roll, ripple, trickle, gurgle, bubble, swirl, whirl, circulate
People continue to flow past the window. The Thames flows silently to the sea.

Flow Verb Synonyms
rush, gush, surge, current, course, stream, run, movement, drift
A dam blocks the flow of water here. The sound of a shot interrupted the flow of conversation.

rush, gush, surge, well (forth), stream, spring, issue, spout, spurt, squirt, spew, flood, cascade, fall, rain, brim, overflow, spill, teem
Open the gates to allow water to flow into the lock. A stream of insults flowed from his lips. Her tears flowed like wine.

spread, overspread, cover
The paint flowed effortlessly onto the canvas.

abundance, superabundance, flood, plethora, excess, overflow(ing), deluge, tide, supply, plenty
London experiences an unending flow of tourists.

issue, originate, come, emanate, rise, begin
With the dam repaired, water will once again flow from the reservoir. The authority of the state constitutions does not flow from Congress.

More Words for Flow

Roll / Spread / Surge / Movement / Move / Stream / Cover / Supply / Rise / Current / Spout / Excess / Fall / Run / Rain / Go / Progress / Spring / Abundance

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