Other Words for Function

Function Noun Synonyms
purpose, aim, role or r“le, raison d'ˆtre, responsibility, mission, charge, concern, business, province, duty, job, occupation, work, office, task, chore, assignment, commission, activity
A knife's function is to cut, a guard's is to stand watch.

act, operate, perform, behave, work, go, run
Are you sure the engine is functioning properly.

reception, gathering, affair, party, dinner, banquet, gala, ceremony, formality, rite, ritual, occasion, event
We are attending a function at the embassy tonight.

More Words for Function

Act / Mission / Work / Run / Office / Affair / Party / Purpose / Go

Basis Function

Science / Chemistry / Basis Function: A mathematical function that can be used to build a description of wavefunctions for electrons in atoms or molecules. MORE

Functional Shift

Entertainment / Literature / Functional Shift: The linguistic equivalent of poetic anthimeria, in which one part of grammatical speech becomes another. An especially common type of functional shift in everyday grammar is taking a noun and treating MORE

Density Functional

Science / Chemistry / Density Functional: A model that describes the electronic structure of an atom or molecule by approximating the total energy as a function of electron density. MORE

Point-Spread Function

Science / Spiders / Point-Spread Function: the kernel in the superposition integral (convolution product) that expresses the effect of a linear optical system in the formation of an image of an object. Point spread function and transfer functi MORE

Function Call

Technology / Programming / Function Call: A function call is another way to refer to calling a method that has been declared and defined elsewhere. For instance: methodname():, MORE

Autocorrelation Function (ACF)

Science / Spiders / Autocorrelation Function (ACF): the cross-correlation function of an image with itself. The ACF is centrosymmetric, and its highest peak is always in the origin, a shift position where both signal and noise contents of the image ove MORE