Other Words for Fund

Fund Adjective Synonyms
supply, stock, reserve, store, pool, cache, reservoir, repository, mine
Alison is a veritable fund of information about art.

Fund Noun Synonyms
finance, back, capitalize, stake, support, pay for, endow, grant, subsidize
The company has funded a number of new businesses.

More Words for Fund

Stock / Pool / Store / Mine / Supply / Reserve / Grant / Back / Support

Prime Rate Fund

Business / Finance / Prime Rate Fund: A mutual fund that buys portions of corporate loans from banks and pays the interest to shareholders. MORE

Prerefunded Bond

Business / Finance / Prerefunded Bond: Refunded bond. MORE

External Funds

Business / Finance / External Funds: Funding that is not generated by a firm's operations: new borrowing or a stock issue. MORE

Fund Switching

Business / Finance / Fund Switching: A mutual fund or hedge fund that invests in other funds. MORE

Federal Funds

Business / Finance / Federal Funds: A federal institution that lends to a wide array of federal credit agencies funds it obtains by borrowing from the U.S. Treasury. MORE

Balanced Fund

Business / Finance / Balanced Fund: An investment company that invests in stocks and bonds. The same as a balanced mutual fund. MORE