Other Words for Gab

Gab Adjective Synonyms: jabber, gabble, chatter, gibber, blather or blether, prate, prattle, blab, gossip, natter, witter, jaw, yack, run off at the mouth

Other Words for Gad About

Gad About Verb Synonyms: gallivant, run around, flit about, traipse

Other Words for Gadget

Gadget Noun Synonyms: contrivance, device, appliance, creation, invention, machine, tool, utensil, implement, instrument, mechanism, apparatus, contraption, widget, thingumabob or thingamabob or thingumbob, thingumajig or thingamajig or thingummy, whatchamacallit

Other Words for Gag

Gag Verb Synonyms: silence, stifle, still, muffle, stop (up), muzzle, quiet, curb, suppress, repress, restrain, throttle, strangle, check, inhibit, discourage
Gag Noun Synonyms: retch, choke, heave, gasp for air, struggle for breath, keck

Other Words for Gaieties

Gaieties Noun Synonyms: merrymaking, festivity, festivities, celebration, revelry, revels, rejoicing, conviviality, mafficking

Other Words for Gaiety

Gaiety Noun Synonyms: cheerfulness, exhilaration, elation, glee, joie de vivre, buoyancy, light-heartedness, blitheness, happiness, felicity, pleasure, delight, joy, joyfulness, joyousness, exultation, merriment, mirth, mirthfulness, jubilation, good or high spirits

Other Words for Gaily

Gaily Noun Synonyms: showily, gaudily, brightly, splendidly, brilliantly, colourfully, flashily, flamboyantly, garishly

Other Words for Gain

Gain Noun Synonyms: acquisition, achievement, attainment
Gain Verb Synonyms: catch up (to or on or with), approach, get nearer (to), overtake, close with, close in (on), narrow the gap, gain ground
Gain Adverb Synonyms: get, obtain, acquire, procure, attain, achieve, secure, earn, win, capture, bag, net, harvest, reap, garner, glean, collect, gather, come by, pick up

Other Words for Gain Possession Of

Gain Possession Of Noun Synonyms: seize, capture, take, conquer, occupy, acquire, win, possess oneself of, secure, obtain, repossess

Other Words for Gainful

Gainful Noun Synonyms: advantageous, profitable, productive, fruitful, beneficial,eful, valuable, worthwhile, rewarding, remunerative, lucrative, moneymaking

Other Words for Gala

Gala Adjective Synonyms: merry, festive, joyful, joyous, gleeful, jovial, gay, celebratory, jolly, convivial, happy, cheerful, cheery
Gala Noun Synonyms: fĂȘte or fete, festival, festivity, feast, celebration, event, red-letter day, holiday, holy day, carnival, occasion, happening, event, pageant, party, ball, field-day

Other Words for Gale

Gale Noun Synonyms: wind-storm, strong wind, (big or hard) blow, blast, turbulence, storm, tempest
Gale Adjective Synonyms: outburst, burst, explosion, eruption, peal, roar, scream, shout, howl, shriek

Other Words for Gall

Gall Noun Synonyms: bitterness, acerbity, acrimony, harshness, vitriol, asperity, bile, spleen, causticness or causticity, bite, mordacity or mordaciousness, sharpness, rancidness or rancidity, venom, poison, rancor

Other Words for Gallant

Gallant Verb Synonyms: brave, courageous, bold, valiant, daring, dauntless, intrepid, plucky, fearless, valorous, unafraid, undaunted, manly, manful, plucky, mettlesome, stout-hearted, lion-hearted, heroic, dashing, (high-)spirited
Gallant Adjective Synonyms: champion, hero, knight, cavalier, paladin

Other Words for Gallows

Gallows Adjective Synonyms: gibbet

Other Words for Galore

Galore Noun Synonyms: in abundance, in large quantity or numbers or amounts, in excess, everywhere, aplenty, in profusion

Other Words for Gamble

Gamble Verb Synonyms: chance, risk, venture, uncertainty, speculation, crap-shoot
Gamble Noun Synonyms: risk, venture, hazard, bet, wager, stake, chance, speculate, play, game, punt

Other Words for Gamble On

Gamble On Adverb Synonyms: back, bet or wager on, stake or put money on, take a chance or flier on, try one's luck or fortune on, lay or place or make a wager or bet on, count on, rely on

Other Words for Game

Game Noun Synonyms: amusement, pastime, diversion, distraction, recreation, play, sport
Game Adjective Synonyms: gamble

Other Words for Gamut

Gamut Adjective Synonyms: range, scale, spectrum, compass, spread, sweep, field, series

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