Other Words for Granular

Granular Verb Synonyms: grainy, granulated, particulate, comminuted, gravelly, sandy, gritty

Other Words for Grapevine

Grapevine Noun Synonyms: rumour-mill, jungle telegraph, grapevine telegraph, rumour, gossip

Other Words for Graphic

Graphic Adjective Synonyms: vivid, distinct, well-defined, detailed, explicit, particular, clear, lucid, plain, manifest, crystal clear, unmistakable or unmistakeable, unambiguous, accurate, precise, well-drawn, photographic, descriptive, telling, picturesque, pictorial, realistic
Graphic Noun Synonyms: written, drawn, diagrammatic, delineated, visible

Other Words for Grapple

Grapple Adjective Synonyms: grasp, grab, grip, seize, clasp, catch, wrestle, hold, clutch, snatch

Other Words for Grapple With

Grapple With Adjective Synonyms: come to grips with, cope with, contend with, deal with, struggle with, tackle, face, take on

Other Words for Grasp

Grasp Verb Synonyms: grip, grab, seize, clasp, clutch, snatch, hold, take or lay or catch hold of, nab
Grasp Noun Synonyms: understanding, comprehension, apprehension, awareness, perception, sense

Other Words for Grasping

Grasping Noun Synonyms: greedy, avaricious, acquisitive, rapacious, mean, miserly, stingy, penurious, parsimonious, niggardly, tight, tight-fisted, penny-pinching, close-fisted, mercenary

Other Words for Grass

Grass Noun Synonyms: inform, betray, give away, peach, squeal, snitch, squeak, tattle, rat on, sell out, blow the gaff, nark
Grass Adjective Synonyms: traitor, informer, stool-pigeon, stoolie, squealer, snitch, squeaker, rat, nark

Other Words for Grate

Grate Noun Synonyms: scrape, rasp, rub, grind, scratch, screech, stridulate
Grate Verb Synonyms: shred, rasp, scrape, rub, triturate

Other Words for Grate On

Grate On Verb Synonyms: annoy, vex, irk, irritate, pester, set one's teeth on edge, jar, fret, chafe, rub (someone) (up) the wrong way, go against the grain, get on one's nerves

Other Words for Grateful

Grateful Verb Synonyms: thankful, appreciative

Other Words for Gratification

Gratification Verb Synonyms: satisfaction, fulfilment, enjoyment, pleasure, delight, compensation, recompense, reward, return, requital

Other Words for Gratify

Gratify Adjective Synonyms: please, satisfy, fulfill, delight, compensate, recompense, reward, requite, cheer, gladden, favour

Other Words for Grating

Grating Noun Synonyms: jarring, strident, raucous, harsh, discordant, dissonant, unharmonious, offensive, irritating, irksome, annoying, vexatious, galling
Grating Adjective Synonyms: grate, grid, reticle or reticule, grille, lattice, trellis, screen, network, reticulation
Grating Verb Synonyms: grinding, gritty, squeaky, jangling, screeching, creaking, shrill, piercing, squawking, croaking, rasping

Other Words for Gratitude

Gratitude Adjective Synonyms: thankfulness, appreciation, gratefulness, thanks, return, compensation, thanksgiving

Other Words for Gratuitous

Gratuitous Noun Synonyms: gratis, free, complimentary, spontaneous

Other Words for Grave

Grave Adjective Synonyms: crypt, sepulchre, tomb, vault, mausoleum, last or final resting-place, eternal rest
Grave Noun Synonyms: serious, critical, vital, dangerous, matter of life and death, crucial, urgent, weighty, important, pressing, pivotal, perilous

Other Words for Graveyard

Graveyard Adjective Synonyms: burial-ground, churchyard, cemetery, God's acre, necropolis, potter's field, W Boot Hill, Golgotha, bone-yard

Other Words for Gravity

Gravity Adjective Synonyms: gravitation, attraction
Gravity Noun Synonyms: seriousness, acuteness, immediacy, importance, significance, weight, magnitude, severity, urgency, exigency, momentousness, weightiness

Other Words for Greasy

Greasy Noun Synonyms: oily, sebaceous, fatty, fat, buttery, lardy, soapy, oleaginous, pinguid, butyraceous, saponaceous, waxy

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