Other Words for Gaze

Gaze Verb Synonyms: look at or on or upon or over, view, regard, contemplate, stare, wonder, gape

Other Words for Gear

Gear Verb Synonyms: cog, cog-wheel, gearbox, mechanism, machinery, works
Gear Noun Synonyms: equipment, apparatus, appliances, implements, tools, tackle, utensils, supplies, material(s), accessories, accoutrements or also accouterments, appurtenances, paraphernalia, panoply, outfit, trappings, fixtures, materiel

Other Words for Gem

Gem Verb Synonyms: ideal, quintessence, perfect example, pearl (of great price), marvel, flower, elite, cream, pick, nonpareil, treasure, prize, masterpiece, chef-d'oeuvre
Gem Noun Synonyms: gemstone, jewel, stone, precious or semiprecious stone

Other Words for General

General Adjective Synonyms: mixed, assorted, miscellaneous, heterogeneous, encyclopedic or encyclopaedic, diversified, extended, broad, comprehensive, inclusive, all-inclusive, non-exclusive, overall, blanket, across the board, sweeping, panoramic, catholic, composite, combined
General Noun Synonyms: common, prevailing, accepted, popular, public, communal, community, widespread, shared, extensive, prevalent, universal, worldwide, global, comprehensive, inclusive, all-inclusive, non-exclusive, overall, unrestricted

Other Words for Generalities

Generalities Adjective Synonyms: principle(s), law(s), abstraction(s), generalization(s), universality or universalities

Other Words for Generality

Generality Adjective Synonyms: generalization, abstraction, abstract, vague or loose or sweeping or indefinite statement, imprecise or vague notion

Other Words for Generally

Generally Noun Synonyms: usually, commonly, ordinarily, in general, customarily, habitually, conventionally, normally, typically, on average, as a rule, by and large, for the most part, mostly, mainly, on the whole, predominantly

Other Words for Generate

Generate Verb Synonyms: produce, create, give rise to, inspire, whip up, cause, initiate
Generate Adverb Synonyms: produce, create, originate, make, manufacture

Other Words for Generation

Generation Noun Synonyms: origination, creation, genesis, inception, initiation, start, beginning, institution, establishment, formation, formulation
Generation Verb Synonyms: production, reproduction, propagation, procreation, begetting, fathering, siring

Other Words for Generous

Generous Adjective Synonyms: plentiful, full, lavish, overflowing, abundant, bounteous, handsome, copious, ample
Generous Noun Synonyms: bounteous, bountiful, magnanimous, charitable, eleemosynary, philanthropic, lavish, open-handed, free, liberal, unstinting, ungrudging, beneficent, benevolent, big-hearted, munificent

Other Words for Genial

Genial Adjective Synonyms: affable, amiable, cordial, warm, friendly, congenial, agreeable, good-natured, good-humoured, well-disposed, neighbourly, sociable, kindly, kind, hospitable, easygoing, relaxed, pleasant, nice, cheerful, cheery, convivial

Other Words for Genitals

Genitals Adjective Synonyms: genitalia, sexual or reproductive organs, sex organs, organs of procreation or generation, private parts, privates

Other Words for Genius

Genius Noun Synonyms: talent, gift, knack, faculty, flair, aptitude, forte, capacity, ability, capability
Genius Adjective Synonyms: mastermind, master, virtuoso, intellect, maestro, expert, adept, brain, Einstein
Genius Noun Plural Synonyms: intelligence, brilliance, wit, ingenuity, brains, ability, aptitude

Other Words for Genre

Genre Noun Synonyms: kind, sort, type, class, style, brand, character, category, genus, species, variety, fashion

Other Words for Genteel

Genteel Adjective Synonyms: refined, polished, sophisticated, debonair, suave, urbane, cosmopolitan, cultivated, cultured, elegant, ritzy
Genteel Noun Synonyms: over-polite, unnatural, pretentious, affected, mannered, putting on airs, pompous, overdone, posh, la-di-da or lah-di-dah or la-de-da, phony, county

Other Words for Gentle

Gentle Adjective Synonyms: kind, kindly, mild, tender, benign, moderate, easy, quiet, calm, still, temperate, unruffled, untroubled, undisturbed, tranquil, restful, peaceful, pacific, placid, smooth, lenient, patient, indulgent, soothing, thoughtful, gracious, compassionate, humane

Other Words for Gentry

Gentry Adjective Synonyms: ladies and gentlemen, upper classes, Šlite, aristocracy, landed gentry, gentlefolk, upper class(es) or strata, cream, landowners, squirearchy, upper crust or strata

Other Words for Genuine

Genuine Noun Synonyms: candid, frank, open, sincere, earnest, honest, unfeigned
Genuine Adjective Synonyms: authentic, real, bona fide, veritable, legitimate, true, original, proper, not counterfeit or fake, pukka or pucka

Other Words for Germ

Germ Adjective Synonyms: micro-organism, microbe, bacterium, virus, bug

Other Words for Gesture

Gesture Noun Synonyms: movement, motion, gesticulation, signal, indication, action, high sign

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