Other Words for Gag

Gag Noun Synonyms
practical joke, hoax, prank, trick, fast one
For a gag, we put a snake in the sergeant's bed.

retch, choke, heave, gasp for air, struggle for breath, keck
That drink made me gag.

Gag Verb Synonyms
restraint, curb, muzzle, check
MI5 tried to put a gag on the revelations of the former spy.

joke, witticism, jest, quip, pun, gibe, wisecrack, crack
He told some gags but nobody found them funny.

silence, stifle, still, muffle, stop (up), muzzle, quiet, curb, suppress, repress, restrain, throttle, strangle, check, inhibit, discourage
The department gagged him, forbidding any press interviews.

More Words for Gag

Trick / Still / Quiet / Crack / Restraint / Check

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