Other Words for Gain

Gain Adverb Synonyms
make, get, profit, gain ground, earn, benefit, realize, clear, bring in, produce, yield
Have you gained from the transaction.

get, obtain, acquire, procure, attain, achieve, secure, earn, win, capture, bag, net, harvest, reap, garner, glean, collect, gather, come by, pick up
Any advantage we gain today may be lost tomorrow.

Gain Noun Synonyms
acquisition, achievement, attainment
My gain was at the expense of their sacrifice.

Gain Verb Synonyms
increase, move ahead, improve, advance, progress, gain ground
Shares gained again on the exchange.

profit, advantage, margin, yield, return, revenue, income, dividend, benefit, emolument, payment, pay, money, proceeds, earnings, winnings, take, payout, pay-off
What was your gain on the sale of the house? He has seen gains of 20 per cent on his investment.

leave behind, outdistance, draw or pull away, widen the gap, get or go or move further or farther ahead, get further or farther away, increase the lead
I kept gaining on him till I was a mile ahead.

catch up (to or on or with), approach, get nearer (to), overtake, close with, close in (on), narrow the gap, gain ground
As we came to the finish line, Tom was gaining on me. Though he kept gaining, I won.

reach, arrive at, get to, come to
After paddling for hours, we finally gained the shore.

increase, increment, improvement, rise, addition, enhancement, elevation, augmentation, upward or forward movement, advance, progress
Each month has seen a gain in share prices.

More Words for Gain

Gather / Get / Money / Advantage / Progress / Bag / Pay / Reach / Make / Net / Take / Profit / Rise / Addition / Clear

Realized Capital Gain

Business / Real Estate / Realized Capital Gain: When a property is sold, a capital gain or loss is realized. MORE

Excluded Capital Gain

Business / Real Estate / Excluded Capital Gain: The part of the realized gain that is excluded from taxes. MORE

Goals Against Average

Entertainment / Ice Hockey / Goals Against Average: The average number of goals given up per 60-minute game by a goaltender or a team within a given period of time. The average is computed by dividing goals against by minutes played and multiplying the MORE

Capital Gains Yield

Business / Finance / Capital Gains Yield: The tax levied on profits from the sale of capital assets. A long-term capital gain, which is achieved once an asset is held for at least 12 months, is taxed at a maximum rate of 20% (taxpayers in 28% MORE

Maximum Capital Gains Mutual Fund

Business / Finance / Maximum Capital Gains Mutual Fund: A mutual fund whose objective is to produce capital gains by investing in small or risky rapid-growth companies. MORE

Deferred Capital Gain

Business / Real Estate / Deferred Capital Gain: The part of the realized gain that is tax deferred. MORE