Other Words for Gall

Gall Noun Synonyms
sore (spot), abrasion, scrape, graze, scratch, chafe
This gall on my leg is from the saddle.

irritate, chafe, abrade, fret, scrape, rub, grate, scratch
His shoe was galling his heel.

irritate, annoy, bother, vex, irk, exasperate, harass, harry, plague, provoke, goad, nag, pester, hector, badger, nettle, needle, ruffle, fret, anger, enrage, inflame, infuriate, incense, arouse, rankle
It galls me to think of all the animals killed just to make fur coats.

irritation, annoyance, nuisance, bother, exasperation, vexation, aggravation
One has to tolerate a lot of gall in this job.

bitterness, acerbity, acrimony, harshness, vitriol, asperity, bile, spleen, causticness or causticity, bite, mordacity or mordaciousness, sharpness, rancidness or rancidity, venom, poison, rancor
Once more he experienced the gall of disappointment.

impudence, insolence, impertinence, audacity, brashness, brazenness, sauciness, effrontery, temerity, overconfidence, front, brass, nerve, guts, cheek, lip, crust, sauce, chutzpah, moxie, balls
One student had the gall to suggest that he would be a better teacher than I am.

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