Other Words for Game

Game Adjective Synonyms
He has taken up gaming as a hobby.

Game Noun Synonyms
plucky, spirited, high-spirited, daring, devil-may-care, adventurous, unflinching, courageous, brave, bold, heroic, nervy, gutsy
Entering the cave to rescue the dog was a game thing for him to do.

amusement, pastime, diversion, distraction, recreation, play, sport
She regards love as just a game.

ready, willing, prepared, plucky or spirited or daring or adventurous enough
She's game for anything: I'm sure she'll jump at the chance of scuba-diving lessons.

scheme, plan, plot, design, stratagem, strategy, tactic, artifice, trick, device(s), ploy
Aha! I am on to your little game.

quarry, prey, victim, target
Game has been plentiful this year, especially pheasant and quail. He is fair game for any unscrupulous swindler.

contest, competition, meeting or also meet, tournament or also tourney, match, encounter, engagement, event, round, regatta
Would you like to see a football game? The games are held annually.

More Words for Game

Play / Competition / Round / Ready / Trick / Match

Action Game

Entertainment / Video Games / Action Game: Any game that requires fast reflexes on the part of the player. MORE

Game Designer

Entertainment / Video Games / Game Designer: A person who engages in game design. A person who defines games in detail, or who defines the details of a game. Not necessarily a programmer. Not necessarily an artist. Someone who communicates well MORE

Multiplayer game

Entertainment / Video Games / Multiplayer game: A videogame where more than one person can play at the same time using computer networking or a game system. MORE

Suspension Ligament

Health / Dentistry / Suspension Ligament: The ligament arising from a bone surface which surrounds and supports an endosseous or subperiosteal implant. MORE

Pack-in Game

Entertainment / Video Games / Pack-in Game: A game that comes packaged with a system. For example, the NES pack-in was Super Mario Bros, and the Genesis pack-in was Sonic the Hedgehog. MORE

Baker Game

Entertainment / Bowling / Baker Game: A method of team play in which in all five players bowl together to make one game; player #1 bowls frames 1 and 6; player #2 bowls frames 2 and 7 etc. Most Baker matches are two games, total pins. MORE