Other Words for Game

Game Adjective Synonyms
He has taken up gaming as a hobby.

Game Noun Synonyms
ready, willing, prepared, plucky or spirited or daring or adventurous enough
She's game for anything: I'm sure she'll jump at the chance of scuba-diving lessons.

quarry, prey, victim, target
Game has been plentiful this year, especially pheasant and quail. He is fair game for any unscrupulous swindler.

plucky, spirited, high-spirited, daring, devil-may-care, adventurous, unflinching, courageous, brave, bold, heroic, nervy, gutsy
Entering the cave to rescue the dog was a game thing for him to do.

scheme, plan, plot, design, stratagem, strategy, tactic, artifice, trick, device(s), ploy
Aha! I am on to your little game.

amusement, pastime, diversion, distraction, recreation, play, sport
She regards love as just a game.

contest, competition, meeting or also meet, tournament or also tourney, match, encounter, engagement, event, round, regatta
Would you like to see a football game? The games are held annually.

More Words for Game

Play / Match / Competition / Ready / Round / Trick

Action Game

Entertainment / Video Games / Action Game: Any game that requires fast reflexes on the part of the player. MORE

Game Designer

Entertainment / Video Games / Game Designer: A person who engages in game design. A person who defines games in detail, or who defines the details of a game. Not necessarily a programmer. Not necessarily an artist. Someone who communicates well MORE

Multiplayer game

Entertainment / Video Games / Multiplayer game: A videogame where more than one person can play at the same time using computer networking or a game system. MORE

Suspension Ligament

Health / Dentistry / Suspension Ligament: The ligament arising from a bone surface which surrounds and supports an endosseous or subperiosteal implant. MORE

Pack-in Game

Entertainment / Video Games / Pack-in Game: A game that comes packaged with a system. For example, the NES pack-in was Super Mario Bros, and the Genesis pack-in was Sonic the Hedgehog. MORE

Baker Game

Entertainment / Bowling / Baker Game: A method of team play in which in all five players bowl together to make one game; player #1 bowls frames 1 and 6; player #2 bowls frames 2 and 7 etc. Most Baker matches are two games, total pins. MORE