Other Words for Grand

Grand Adjective Synonyms
marvelous, wonderful, outstanding, first-class, first-rate, splendid, excellent, superb, admirable, great, marvy, smashing, terrific, fantastic, fabulous, fantabulous, super
Isn't it grand that Freda will be able to go.

flamboyant, overdone, histrionic, ostentatious, pretentious, grandiose, lordly
The abysmal performance was punctuated by the actors' grand strutting and gesturing.

complete, total, sum, comprehensive, (all-)inclusive, bottom-line
The grand total of expenses came to $12,467.22.

Grand Noun Synonyms
dignified, distinguished, august, respected, eminent, pre-eminent, outstanding, celebrated, illustrious, renowned, notable, legendary, exalted, revered, venerable, immortal
He is regarded as the grand old man of chemistry.

large, great, huge, immense, enormous, impressive, imposing, splendid, fine, majestic, stately, lofty, monumental, lavish, magnificent, opulent, luxurious, palatial, sumptuous, posh
We were led into a grand hall where thousands awaited the emperor.

More Words for Grand

Total / Eminent / Sum / Fine / Large


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Science / Psychiatry / Grandiosity: An inflated appraisal of ones worth, power, knowledge, importance, or identity. When extreme, grandiosity may be of delusional proportions. MORE

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