Other Words for Grant

Grant Adjective Synonyms
concede, accede (to), cede, give (up), agree (to), consent (to), allow, permit, admit, let
They granted my request for clemency.

give, confer, bestow, present, award, offer, supply, furnish, distribute, donate, allocate, assign
She has been granted a sum that will enable her to complete the book.

Grant Verb Synonyms
gift, present, endowment, bequest, subvention, subsidy, award, grant-in-aid, donation, contribution, concession, allowance
He received a government grant to study abroad.

More Words for Grant

Allow / Present / Give / Award / Offer / Supply

Section 504 Loans And Grants

Business / Agriculture / Section 504 Loans And Grants: A USDA rural housing repair program authorized under Section 504 of the Housing Act of 1949. Under current regulations, rural homeowners with incomes of 50% or less of the area median may qualify for MORE

Farm Labor Housing Grants

Business / Agriculture / Farm Labor Housing Grants: Section 516 grants are available through the Rural Housing Service to qualified nonprofit organizations to providing housing to farm workers. MORE

Puerto Rico Block Grant

Business / Agriculture / Puerto Rico Block Grant: A federal nutrition assistance grant program provided in lieu of the regular food stamp program in Puerto Rico. MORE

Pell Grant

Life Style / College / Pell Grant: This is a need-based grant that students do not have to pay back. MORE

Rural Housing Preservation Grants

Business / Agriculture / Rural Housing Preservation Grants: Section 533 grants are available through the Rural Housing Service for repairing and rehabilitating rural housing for low- and very low-income families. MORE

Land Grant Colleges Of Agriculture

Business / Agriculture / Land Grant Colleges Of Agriculture: The Morrill Act of 1862 granted federal land to states to sell, and instructed each state to use the proceeds to endow a college to teach 'agriculture and the mechanical arts.' States not having any f MORE